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  • 2491. Fellows & Grantees

    Susan N. Johnson-Roehr

    Space, Time and Architecture: The Spatialization of Knowledge and Power at the Astronomical Observatories of Sawai Jai Singh II, 1721-1743

    Year 2008 University University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Fellowship/Grant International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF)

  • 2492. Fellows & Grantees

    Susan Orpett Long

    Bioethics and Culture: End-of-Life Decision Making in Cultural Context

    Year 1994 University John Carroll University Fellowship/Grant Abe Fellowship

  • 2493. Fellows & Grantees

    Susan Renee Snyder

    Woman as Heretic: Gender and Lay Religion in Late Medieval Bologna

    Year 1998 University University of California, Santa Barbara Fellowship/Grant International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF)

  • 2494. Fellows & Grantees

    Susan Rosenfeld

    Yorùbá at the Crossroads: Ritual Commodification and Cultural Exchange between Lagos and Salvador da Bahia, 1808–1890
    This project investigates the structures of conjunction involving òrìsà worship that informed the creation and maintenance of trans-Atlantic relationships between the Yorùbá-speaking community in contemporary Lagos, Nigeria with those Afro-Brazilians in Salvador da Bahia, Br…

    Year 2013 University University of California, Los Angeles Fellowship/Grant International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF)

  • 2495. Fellows & Grantees

    Susan Virginia Norman

    From Predatory Rebels to Bureaucratic Rulers: The Politics of Armed Organizations and Strategies in Colombia and Peru

    Year 2011 University University of Virginia Fellowship/Grant Drugs, Security and Democracy Fellowship

  • 2496. Fellows & Grantees

    Susanna Fioratta

    Clean Money for New Mosques: Remittances, Morality, and Contestation in the Republic of Guinea

    Year 2009 University Yale University Fellowship/Grant International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF)

  • 2497. Fellows & Grantees

    Susanna Ferguson

    Tracing Tarbiya: Women, Education, and Childrearing in Lebanon and Egypt, 1865-1939
    My dissertation examines the history of tarbiya as both concept and practice in Beirut and Cairo between 1865 and 1939. Tarbiya had long been the Arabic term for the cultivation of livestock. In the nineteenth century, it came to refer to new structures of formal schooling and ne…

    Year 2015 University Columbia University Fellowship/Grant International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF)

  • 2498. Fellows & Grantees

    Susumu Awanohara

    US Congress and Asia

    Year 1993 University Far Eastern Economic Review Fellowship/Grant Abe Fellowship

  • 2499. Fellows & Grantees

    Susumu Kurokawa

    Technological Innovation Strategies in the US and Japan

    Year 1993 University Shiga University Fellowship/Grant Abe Fellowship

  • 2500. Fellows & Grantees

    Suyoung Son

    Writing for Print: A Literatus-Publisher of Seventeenth-Century China

    Year 2006 University University of Chicago Fellowship/Grant International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF)