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  • 51. Fellows & Grantees

    Akihiro Yoshikawa

    How Does Japan Do It? Quantitative Analysis of the Japanese Health Care System

    Year 1994 University Stanford University Fellowship/Grant Abe Fellowship

  • 52. Fellows & Grantees

    Akiko Hashimoto

    Collective Memories of World War II in Japan, Germany and the US

    Year 1995 University University of Pittsburgh Fellowship/Grant Abe Fellowship

  • 53. Fellows & Grantees

    Akiko Takeyama

    Affect Economy: Labor, Commodity, and Consumer Capitalism in Millennial Japan

    Year 2011 Fellowship/Grant Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Fellowship

  • 54. Fellows & Grantees

    Akin Iwilade

    Civil Society and the Democratisation of Regional Security Governance in West Africa

    Year 2013 Fellowship/Grant Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa: Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Fellowship

  • 55. Fellows & Grantees

    Akio Takahara

    Japan-US-China Relations since the Late 1970s

    Year 2004 University Rikkyo University Fellowship/Grant Abe Fellowship

  • 56. Fellows & Grantees

    Akissi M. Britton

    From Brooklyn to Brazil: Race, Place, and Religion in the Mapping of Diasporic Blackness

    Year 2007 University City University of New York Graduate Center Fellowship/Grant DPDF Student Fellowship Competition

  • 57. Fellows & Grantees

    Akshya Saxena

    Vernacular Englishes: Language, Translation, and Democratic Politics in Post-Liberalization India
    My project explores the relationship between language and democracy in post-liberalization India through a study of the expanding presence of English in India. It asks: what is the place of English —as a language and as a symbol– in claims for representation and power by hith…

    Year 2014 University University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Fellowship/Grant International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF)

  • 58. Fellows & Grantees

    Ala Alazzeh

    Locating Non-Violence: An Ethnographic Research of the Contemporary Palestinian Political Culture

    Year 2009 University Rice University Fellowship/Grant International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF)

  • 59. Fellows & Grantees

    Alaina Marie Morgan

    Atlantic Crescent: Afro-Muslim Internationalism, Anti-Colonialism, and Transnational Community Formation, 1955-1990
    This dissertation explores the creation of international Afro-Muslim networks as they were created in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the British Caribbean. I posit that beginning in 1955, in the midst of a period of rapid decolonization from European imperialism, the…

    Year 2015 University New York University Fellowship/Grant International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF)

  • 60. Fellows & Grantees

    Alan Zarychta

    It Takes More than a Village: Polycentric Governance and Local Health Systems in Central America
    This project aims to understand how institutional conditions shape the performance of local health systems in developing countries. The problem motivating the project is the inability of health systems in many countries to prevent disparities and human suffering. Decentralization…

    Year 2015 University University of Colorado at Boulder Fellowship/Grant International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF)