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    AIDS, Security and Conflict Initiative (ASCI)

    The SSRC's HIV/AIDS Program launched the AIDS, Security and Conflict Initiative (ASCI) in 2006 in partnership with the Netherlands Institute for International Relations (Clingendael). Our aim is to identify and address critical gaps in knowledge in the study of the link between…

  • 2. Programs & Projects

    AIDS, Security and Conflict Research Hub

    The AIDS, Security and Conflict Research Hub is a portal for the latest work on the areas covered by the SSRC's AIDS, Security and Conflict Initiative (ASCI): HIV/AIDS in uniformed services; HIV/AIDS, humanitarian crises, and post-conflict transitions; HIV/AIDS and fragile stat…

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    The world has been managing the global AIDS epidemic for more than twenty-five years. The year 2031 will mark fifty years since the first report of AIDS. In 2007 then executive director of UNAIDS Peter Piot established AIDS2031 to bring together experts in HIV/AIDS and related fi…

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    Abe Fellowship Program

    Supporting US- and Japan-based researchers focusing on contemporary issues.

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    African Peacebuilding Network

    Supporting independent African research and its integration into regional and global policy communities.

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    Anxieties of Democracy Program

    How can representative democracies be strengthened to govern more effectively? The SSRC’s Anxieties of Democracy program is motivated by a concern about whether the core institutions of established democracies—elections, mass media, political parties, interest groups, social…

  • 7. Programs & Projects

    CEHI Web-Based Resources

    …[中文]The Resource Hub is an online, bilingual searchable database housing information about individuals and institutions working on environment and health issues in China, and relevant literature. Selected information on experience with environment and health issues overseas i…

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    CGP-SSRC Policy Forum

    A project of the Abe Fellowship Program, the CGP-SSRC Policy Forum draws on the expertise and competencies of both the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (CGP) and the Social Science Research Council. The CGP-SSRC Policy Forums bring together academics, practitioners…

  • 9. Programs & Projects

    CLA Longitudinal Study

    The CLA Longitudinal Study emerged from the Social Science Research Council’s collaborative partnership with the Pathways for College Network, with technical assistance in data collection provided by the Council for Aid to Education. The project has followed over 2,300 students…

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    Central Africa Policy Forum (CAPF)

    Facilitating informal information sharing between the UN, diplomatic missions, and the NGO community.