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  • 91. Programs & Projects

    University Governance and Autonomy in the Changing Landscape of Higher Education in the Arab World

    The SSRC's Middle East and North Africa Program has undertaken an initiative to explore the role of the Arab university. We are focusing in particular on the efforts being made by academic communities to secure critical spheres of autonomy (vis-à-vis teaching, research, and publ…

  • 92. Programs & Projects

    Viet Nam Population Health Programme: Strategic Learning and Assessment

    Mobilizing knowledge to assess health and social interventions in Vietnam.

  • 93. Programs & Projects

    Vietnam Program

    Working to strengthen social science research capacity and links to policymaking in Vietnam.

  • 94. Programs & Projects

    Web Anthology on Migrant Remittances and Development: Research Perspectives

    In response to the growing interest in the possible contributions that migrants’ remittances can make to development, we have assembled an anthology of research articles that address this process as related to both internal and international migration. The overall goal has been…

  • 95. Programs & Projects

    West Africa: Forced Migration and Human Rights

    To explore how a human rights framework might strengthen protections for forced migrants, the SSRC Migration Program organized research between social scientists and practitioners of international humanitarian and human rights organizations.  Research focused on the causes of fo…

  • 96. Programs & Projects

    Work with Economists in Cuba

    Fostering new systems in Cuba for distributing goods and services.

  • 97. Programs & Projects

    Working Group on Climate Change

    What does climate change have to do with democracy? Quite a bit, it turns out. But the political dimensions of climate policy have not been adequately explored by researchers, while the climate problem is at a critical moment both of understanding and political action. Professors…

  • 98. Programs & Projects

    Working Group on Institutions

    The American public’s trust in government, and especially in Congress, the central institution of representative democracy in the U.S., stands near all-time lows.  In this mistrust of democratic institutions, Americans are not alone in the world. Yet they are right to worry. Â…

  • 99. Programs & Projects

    Working Group on Participation

    What are the obstacles to effective citizenship? How do these condition the representation of citizen preferences and the legitimacy of the political system? Co-chaired by Professors Larry Bartels (Vanderbilt University) and Claudine Gay (Harvard University), this working group w…

  • 100. Programs & Projects

    Working Group on Politics of Distribution

    This working group on the politics of distribution will address issues of inequality within the purview of fiscal policy.   Image credit: “Not Equal” by holeymoon [CC BY 2.0].