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  • 101. Programs & Projects

    Work with Economists in Cuba

    Fostering new systems in Cuba for distributing goods and services.

  • 102. Programs & Projects

    Working Group on Climate Change

    What does climate change have to do with democracy? Quite a bit, it turns out. But the political dimensions of climate policy have not been adequately explored by researchers, while the climate problem is at a critical moment both of understanding and political action. Professors…

  • 103. Programs & Projects

    Working Group on Institutions

    The American public’s trust in government, and especially in Congress, the central institution of representative democracy in the U.S., stands near all-time lows.  In this mistrust of democratic institutions, Americans are not alone in the world. Yet they are right to worry. Â…

  • 104. Programs & Projects

    Working Group on Participation

    What are the obstacles to effective citizenship? How do these condition the representation of citizen preferences and the legitimacy of the political system? Co-chaired by Professors Larry Bartels (Vanderbilt University) and Claudine Gay (Harvard University), this working group w…

  • 105. Programs & Projects

    Working Group on Politics of Distribution

    This working group on the politics of distribution will address issues of inequality within the purview of fiscal policy.   Image credit: “Not Equal” by holeymoon [CC BY 2.0].

  • 106. Programs & Projects

    Working Group on Security

    This working group will address the relationship of the challenges of state security to democratic governance.   Image credit: “One Nation Under CCTV” by ogglog [CC BY 2.0].