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  • 21. Programs & Projects

    Digital Media and Learning

    Investigating how digital media are changing the way young people learn.

  • 22. Programs & Projects

    Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship (DPDF) Program

    Supporting the development of innovative dissertation proposals in the humanities and social sciences.

  • 23. Programs & Projects

    Drugs, Security and Democracy Program

    Supporting research in Latin America and the Caribbean relevant to drug policy.

  • 24. Programs & Projects

    East Africa: Forced Migration, Citizenship, and Belonging

    In collaboration with the International Refugee Rights Initiative based in Kampala, Uganda, the Forced Migration project of the SSRC's Migration Program is sponsoring a series of case studies with locally based refugee research and advocacy organizations to determine how access…

  • 25. Programs & Projects

    Education Research Program

    Bringing social science to bear on local, national, and international educational challenges.

  • 26. Programs & Projects

    Education and Migration in Comparative Perspective

    As part of its Migration and Education initiative, the SSRC's Migration Program assembled a working group to focus on the educational philosophy and institutional arrangements and practices that shape educational pathways for immigrant and second generation students, as well as…

  • 27. Programs & Projects

    Education and Migration in the United States

    As part of its work on migration and education, the SSRC's Migration Program assembled a working group to examine how educational institutions within the United States have responded to growing numbers of immigrant students as well as how immigrant families and communities navig…

  • 28. Programs & Projects

    Engaging Eurasia

    Engaging Eurasia is the home of Eurasian scholarship resources generated by the Social Science Research Council’s Eurasia Program. This site is designed to highlight the research and accomplishments of current and former Eurasia Title VIII Fellows and provide a platform to sha…

  • 29. Programs & Projects

    Eurasia Program

    Charting new directions for scholarship on and within this critical world region.

  • 30. Programs & Projects

    Eurasia Program Dissertation Development Workshops

    As part of its series of field-building initiatives, and with generous support provided by the U.S. Department of State Title VIII Program, the SSRC Eurasia Program has organized a number of Dissertation Development Workshops. These three-day events bring 8–10 graduate students…