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  • 31. Programs & Projects

    Gender Mainstreaming in Crisis Prevention and Recovery

    In 2005 the United Nations Development Programme’s Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery (UNDP/BCPR) commissioned the SSRC to carry out a comprehensive review of its work and to identify concrete recommendations for mainstreaming gender considerations into strategies for…

  • 32. Programs & Projects

    HIV/AIDS Fellowship Program

    With support from the Open Society Institute, the SSRC's HIV/AIDS Program supported a pilot fellowship program providing funding opportunities for African researchers to carry out research on improving public health policy responses to the pandemic. In November 2006 eleven fel…

  • 33. Programs & Projects

    HIV/AIDS Program

    Supporting innovative research on gender and social dimensions of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

  • 34. Programs & Projects

    HIV/AIDS in the Russian Federation

    The SSRC's Eurasia Program, with generous support from the Ford Foundation over two successive grant cycles, has developed a major initiative to address HIV/AIDS in Eurasia with a focus on the Russian Federation, which has been identified as one of the "second-wave" countries con…

  • 35. Programs & Projects

    Hemingway Document Preservation Project

    Facilitating efforts to restore Ernest Hemingway's Cuba papers for scholars and the general public.

  • 36. Programs & Projects

    Higher Education and Social Inequality in Comparative Perspective (U.S. and Egypt)

    The SSRC MENA Program has begun a two-year project on Higher Education and Social Inequality: Models, Tools and Transfers in Comparative Perspective (the U.S. and Egypt). Funded by the Ford Foundation, the project proposes to train a cohort of Egyptian junior scholars to pursue s…

  • 37. Programs & Projects

    How Genocides End

    The ending of genocide has been treated in a normative manner with a focus on how it “ought” to end, as opposed to how, empirically, historical and contemporary episodes of genocide have come to an end. Since 2005 the SSRC has hosted a series of academic seminars as well as a…

  • 38. Programs & Projects

    Immigration and Religion in America

    The SSRC project on Migration and Religion convened a working group of American migration and religion scholars to compare past and present patterns in the religious adaptations of Mexican and Italian, Japanese and Korean, Jewish and Muslim, African-American and Haitian migrants.

  • 39. Programs & Projects

    Initiative on Cuban Libraries and Archives

    Assisting Cuban libraries and archives to prepare for and respond to disaster.

  • 40. Programs & Projects

    InterAsia Partnership

    Since 2009, the Council has worked in collaboration with multiple core institutional partners to construct InterAsia as a new research site. The InterAsia Partnership has built international and interdisciplinary scholars’ networks, transformed scholarly approaches and research…