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  • 51. Programs & Projects

    Mellon Mays Postdoctoral Fellows Retreat

    The Retreat is held in odd numbered years and brings together Mellon PhDs for three days to exchange ideas, update networks and engage the key issues and challenges they face as junior faculty—teaching, research, publication and the tenure process as well as making the transiti…

  • 52. Programs & Projects

    Mellon Mays Proposal Writing and Dissertation Development Seminar

    The PWDDS addresses common concerns arising in the process of preparing the dissertation proposal, and in writing the dissertation itself. The Seminar is divided into two parallel tracks, one for Fellows focusing on the proposal, and a second for the more senior group, focusing o…

  • 53. Programs & Projects

    Mellon Mays Regional Lecture Series

    In addition to supporting our fellows through various stages of the doctorate, the Program aspires to foster and strengthen relationships among all members of the Mellon Mays community. To that end, the Lecture Series brings together undergraduates, graduate students, coordinator…

  • 54. Programs & Projects

    Mellon Mays Seminar on Preparing for the Professoriate

    Preparing for the Professoriate gives fellows who have completed or are close to completing the dissertation a set of skills they will need to transition from being good researchers to successfully negotiating their first faculty appointments. Rather than focusing on the presenta…

  • 55. Programs & Projects

    Middle East and North Africa Program

    Generating new social science perspectives on the Middle East and North Africa.

  • 56. Programs & Projects

    Migration and Cuba

    The Council is working with the migration centers of the University of Havana to assess the current state of research on migration in Cuba and to put forth agendas for research during the coming years. Central to this project will be facilitating, in modest ways, the incorporatio…

  • 57. Programs & Projects

    Migration and Development Within and Across Borders: Research and Policy Perspectives on Internal and International Migration

    In order to improve understandings of the similarities, differences, and connections between internal and international migration and their impacts on development, scholars and practitioners expert on these issues within Asia, Latin America, Africa, and North America convened in…

  • 58. Programs & Projects

    Migration and Education

    Migrants and their children now constitute more than half of the student body in many urban schools and post-secondary educational institutions in Canada, Europe, and the United States--a situation that challenges traditional approaches to preparing young people for employment an…

  • 59. Programs & Projects

    Migration and Religion

    Because the study of migration and the study of religion have developed separately, we know very little about their interrelationships. The SSRC Migration Program brings together scholars from both fields to explore how religion and settlement in new societies have affected the l…

  • 60. Programs & Projects

    Migration and Security

    In the wake of September 11, 2001, the SSRC Migration Program convened a consultative committee on rethinking the challenges of migration and security. The committee organized a series of dialogues between representatives of U.S. government law enforcement agencies and of Muslim…