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  • 61. Programs & Projects

    NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security

    The NGO Working Group’s mission is to collaborate with the United Nations, its Member States and civil society towards full implementation of SCR 1325 and all other Security Council resolutions that address women, peace and security, including ensuring the equal and full partic…

  • 62. Programs & Projects

    NYC Data to Go

    Interactive Tool to Map Human Need and Well-Being in the New York Metro Area.

  • 63. Programs & Projects

    Next Generation Social Sciences

    The Next Generation Social Sciences program model responds to an emerging dilemma within higher education in the global South caused by the extraordinary emphasis on increasing undergraduate enrollment without proportionate investment in faculty development—a situation that ero…

  • 64. Programs & Projects

    Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa

    Supporting the next generation of African researchers working on peace, security and development issues.

  • 65. Programs & Projects

    Northeast Asia Cooperative Security Project

    Contributing to conflict resolution in Northeast Asia.

  • 66. Programs & Projects

    Producing Knowledge on World Regions

    Despite broad consensus among higher education leaders that US universities are undergoing a process of "globalization," there is little agreement about just what globalization means, what propels it, or what intellectual, political, and ethical consequences it will bring for Ame…

  • 67. Programs & Projects

    Religion and the Public Sphere

    Advancing and mobilizing new knowledge about religion, secularism, and public life.

  • 68. Programs & Projects

    Religion, Media, and Digitization

    The rapid expansion of new media in the early 21st century has had significant and widespread effect on the ways in which knowledge is produced, consumed, and disseminated. Through a variety of activities, including a series of essays on religion and digital culture at The Immane…

  • 69. Programs & Projects

    Research and Policy Forum

    Resources in Eurasia: Energy, Power and Development.

  • 70. Programs & Projects

    Research and Training in Southern Vietnam

    With support from the Ford Foundation, the SSRC's Vietnam Program partnered with what was then the Institute of Social Sciences in Ho Chi Minh City (now the Southern Institute of Sustainable Development) to study the social consequences of Vietnam's shift to a market economy--in…