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  • 51. Publications & Writing

    African Leaders’ Views on Critical Human Resource Issues for the Implementation of Family Medicine in Africa

    Journal article written by Shabir Moosa, Raymond Downing, Akye Essuman, 2013 DPDF Mobility, Empowerment and Precarity in African Migration Fellow Stephen Pentz, Stephen Reid, and Robert Mash, featured in Human Resources for Health, Volume 12, Issue 2: Background: The World Hea…

    Author Pentz, Stephen Robert Publisher BioMed Central Limited, 2014

  • 52. Publications & Writing

    After September 11 Book Series

    The After September 11 book series was produced by the SSRC and published by The New Press from 2002 to 2006. Edited by leading social scientists, it offers critical perspectives of contemporary topics in the immediate wake of September 11. The series begins with a two-part vol…

    Publisher The New Press, 2002

  • 53. Publications & Writing

    After September 11: Perspectives from the Social Science (online essays)

    Terrorist attacks on and since September 11th have stimulated public soul-searching, military and diplomatic responses, and efforts to reform public policy. Both the attacks and responses to them have raised a host of questions about social organization, basic social institutions…

    Contributors Abu-Lughod, Janet (Contributor), Ali, Kamran Asdar (Contributor), Archibugi, Daniele (Contributor), Arjomand, Said Amir (Contributor), Ayres, Jeffrey (Contributor), Benhabib, Seyla (Contributor), Beunza, Daniel (Contributor), Bhargava, Rajeev (Contributor), Bigo, Didier (Contributor), Bresser-Pereira, Luiz Carlos (Contributor), Bulliet, Richard (Contributor), Cumings, Bruce (Contributor), Das, Veena (Contributor), Deaux, Kay (Contributor), Denning, Dorothy E. (Contributor), Der Derian, James A. (Contributor), Eichengreen, Barry J. (Contributor), Falk, Richard A. (Contributor), Goldstone, Jack A. (Contributor), Hall, John A. (Contributor), Hankiss, Elemér (Contributor), Hefner, Robert W. (Contributor), Held, David (Contributor), Hogarth, Robin (Contributor), Howard, Dick (Contributor), Ilkhamov, Alisher (Contributor), Jayasuriya, Kanishka (Contributor), Kaldor, Mary (Contributor), Kastoryano, Riva (Contributor), Keohane, Robert O. (Contributor), Khattak, Saba Gul (Contributor), Kumar, Radha (Contributor), Kuran, Timur (Contributor), Mamdani, Mahmood (Contributor), McCauley, Clark R. (Contributor), Metcalf, Barbara Daly (Contributor), Meyers, Peter Alexander (Contributor), Mills, Margaret (Contributor), Modood, Tariq (Contributor), Moghissi, Haideh (Contributor), Noor, Farish A. (Contributor), Okruhlik, Gwenn (Contributor), Ping, Huang (Contributor), Roberts, Adam (Contributor), Ross, Marc Howard (Contributor), Roy, Olivier (Contributor), Rubin, Barnett R. (Contributor), Rubio, Luis (Contributor), Sassen, Saskia (Contributor), Sikkink, Kathryn A. (Contributor), Smith, Neil (Contributor), Smith, Steve (Contributor), Sturken, Marita (Contributor), Tarrow, Sidney G. (Contributor), Tierney, Kathleen (Contributor), Tilly, Charles H. (Contributor), Wallace, William (Contributor), Wang, Gungwu (Contributor), Wasserstrom, Jeffrey (Contributor), Werbner, Pnina (Contributor), Wheeler, Nicholas (Contributor), Woodward, Susan L. (Contributor), Zartman, I. William (Contributor), Zolberg, Aristide R. (Contributor) Publisher Social Science Research Council, 2001

  • 54. Publications & Writing

    Aftermath: A New Global Economic Order?

    The global financial crisis revealed deep problems with mainstream economic predictions, as well as the vulnerability of the world's richest countries and the enormous potential of some poorer ones. China, India, Brazil, and other countries are growing faster than Europe or Ameri…

    Contributors Craig Calhoun (Editor), Georgi Derluguian (Editor) Publisher NYU Press, 2011

  • 55. Publications & Writing

    Age in the Welfare State: The Origins of Social Spending on Pensioners, Workers, and Children

    …1997 IDRF Fellow Julia Lynch’s book asks why some countries devote the lion’s share of their social policy resources to the elderly, while others have a more balanced repertoire of social spending. Far from being the outcome of demands for welfare spending by powerful age-bas…

    Author Lynch, Julia Publisher Cambridge University Press, 2006

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    Agency as a Vocation

  • 57. Publications & Writing

    Aiding Children in AIDS-Afflicted Countries

  • 58. Publications & Writing

    Alex de Waal to Lead NYU Panel on ICC Arrest Warrant for President Bashir

  • 59. Publications & Writing

    "All Distinctions are Political, Artifical" The Fuzzy Logic of M.F. Husain

    Article written by DPDF 2008 Muslim Modernities Research Director Bruce Lawrence. Few modern artists so consistently embodied a fuzzy logic of their own as did the Indian painter Maqbool Fida Husain (1915 – 2011). His critics tried to define him as a reckless defamer of Hindu v…

    Author Lawrence, Bruce Publisher Duke University Press, 2013

  • 60. Publications & Writing

    Amadou Diallo, Reggae Music Knows Your Name’: Popular Music, Historical Memory, and Black Identity in New York City in the Wake of Amadou Diallo’s Murder

    Essay written by 2007 DPDF Black Atlantic Studies Fellow Jessica Krug, featured in Remembering Africa and its Diasporas: Memory, Public History, and Representations of the Past, edited by Audra Diptee and David Vincent Trotman.  The essays in this collection are concerned with…

    Author Krug, Jessica Anne Publisher Africa World Press, 2012