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  • 711. Publications & Writing

    Policing Egyptian Women: Sex, Law, and Medicine in Khedival Egypt

    Policing Egyptian Women delineates the intricate manner in which the modern state in Egypt monitored, controlled, and "policed" the bodies of subaltern women. Some of these women were runaway slaves, others were deflowered outside of marriage, and still others were prostitutes. 2…

    Publisher Syracuse University, 2011

  • 712. Publications & Writing

    Political Embeddedness and the Management of Emotions

    Publication written by 2009 DPDF State Violence Fellow Daniel Blocq, Bert Klandermans, and Jacquelien van Stekelenburg: This article explores how variation in political embeddedness of social movement organizations (SMOs) influences the management of emotions. By variation in the…

    Author Blocq, Daniel Publisher San Diego State University, 2012

  • 713. Publications & Writing

    Politicized Enforcement in Argentina: Labor and Environmental Regulation

    Countries throughout the world have passed regulations that promise strong protections for workers and the environment, but violations of these policies are more common than compliance. Enforcement plays a key role in mediating between institutional design and outcomes. Why do st…

    Author Amengual, Matthew Publisher Cambridge University Press, 2016

  • 714. Publications & Writing

    Politics and Partnerships: The Role of Voluntary Associations in America's Political Past and Present

    Exhorting people to volunteer is part of the everyday vocabulary of American politics. But despite the ubiquity of the idea of volunteerism in public policy debates, analysis of its role in American governance has been fragmented. The result of a capstone event held by the SSRC P…

    Contributors Elisabeth S. Clemens (Editor), Douglas Guthrie (Editor) Publisher University of Chicago Press, 2011

  • 715. Publications & Writing

    Polycentric Governance and Irrigation Reform in Kenya

    Article written by Elizabeth Baldwin, 2008 DPDF Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change fellow Camille Washington-Ottombre, Jampel Dell'Angelo, Daniel Cole, and Tom Evans, featured in Governance: In Kenya, as in many developing countries, centralized control over water re…

    Author Washington-Ottombre, Camille Publisher John Wiley & Sons, 2015

  • 716. Publications & Writing

    Popular Demobilization, Agribusiness Mobilization, and the Agrarian Boom in Post- Neoliberal Argentina

    Article written by 2009 DPDF Critical Agrarian Studies Fellow Pablo Lapegna, featured in the Journal of World-Systems Research, Volume 21, No. 1: Based on ethnographic research, archival data, and a catalog of protest events, this article analyzes the relationship between popular…

    Author Lapegna, Pablo Publisher American Sociological Association, 2015

  • 717. Publications & Writing

    Popular Mobilization and the New Politics of Resource Sovereignty in Tanzania

    The Roads of Mtwara, Tanzania (2005)Source: Marja-Leena Kultanen ( (cc) Creative Commons from Flickr In 1972, a resident of Tanzania’s impoverished southeastern region of Mtwara penned an angry missive to the editor of a national newspaper. “In Tanzania, the…

    Author Priya Lal Published In African Futures

  • 718. Publications & Writing

    Population Attitudes and the Spread of Political Violence in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Journal article written by 2009 DPDF State Violence Fellow Andrew M. Linke, Sebastian Schutte, and Halvard Buhaug, featured in the International Studies Review, Volume 17, No. 1: One of the most powerful predictors of violent political conflict is proximate violence in space and…

    Author Linke, Andrew M. Publisher John Wiley & Sons, 2015

  • 719. Publications & Writing

    Possible Futures

    Craig Calhoun, Series Editor   Buy from NYU Press  The Possible Futures series gathers together leading social scientists to address the significance of the global economic crisis in a series of short, accessible books. Each volume takes on the past, present, and future of this…

    Publisher NYU Press

  • 720. Publications & Writing

    "Post-War Reconstruction and the Security Dilemma: The Challenge of Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration in the Democratic Republic of Congo," in Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Africa

    Contributors Osseina Alidou (Editor), Carayannis, Tatiana, Ahmad Sikainga (Editor) Publisher Africa World Press, 2006