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  • 721. Publications & Writing

    Remittances, Migration and Social Development: A Conceptual Review of the Literature

    This paper reviews the empirical literature on the relationship between remittances and various dimensions of social development in the developing world within a broader conceptual framework of migration and development theory. Migration and remittances are generally part of risk…

    Author de Haas, Hein Publisher United Nations Research Institute for Social Development, 2007 Read online Download PDF

  • 722. Publications & Writing

    Remittances. Overview of the Existing Literature

    This report summarizes the outlines the activities and achievements of the International Working Group (IWG) on Improving Data on Remittances, starting with the analysis of data weaknesses, the work program of the IWG, the improvement of concepts and definitions, and the creation…

    Author Salomone, Sara Publisher European University Institute, RSCAS, 2006 Read online Download PDF

  • 723. Publications & Writing

    Remittances: The New Development Mantra?

    This paper examines the causes and implications of remittance flows. It first highlights the severe limitations in remittance data, in sharp contrast to other sources of external finance. It then examines the key trends in remittance flows, and their importance relative to other…

    Author Kapur, Devesh Publisher United Nations, 2003 Read online Download PDF

  • 724. Publications & Writing

    Remittances and Development in Latin America

    This paper uses nationally-representative household surveys from 10 Latin American countries to examine the effect of international remittances on poverty and inequality.  The authors find that simple OLS regressions show that remittances have no statistical effect on poverty in…

    Contributors Acosta, Pablo, Fajnzylber, Pablo, Lopez, Humberto Read online Download PDF

  • 725. Publications & Writing

    Remittances and Inequality: A Question of Migration Scale and Geographic Scale

    This study uses a small, non-representative household survey (1988) of 692 households in Mexico to examine the effects of international migration on income distribution.  Results suggest that income inequality decreases with international migration up to a point, after which ine…

    Author Jones, Richard Publisher John Wiley & Sons, 1998 Read online Download PDF

  • 726. Publications & Writing

    Remittances and Poverty in Ghana

    This paper uses a nationally-representative household survey from Ghana (1998/99 GLSS) to analyze the impact of internal and international remittances on poverty and inequality in Ghana. Since remittances may be endogenous to household income, the author estimates counterfactual…

    Author Adams, Jr., Richard H Publisher World Bank, 2006 Read online Download PDF

  • 727. Publications & Writing

    Remittances and Poverty in Migrants' Home Areas: Evidence from the Philippines

    This paper exploits a unique natural experiment that helps identify the causal impact of remittances on poverty in migrants’ origin households and in remittance-receiving areas.  The authors take advantage of exogenous shocks to the remittance receipts of Philippine households…

    Contributors Yang, Dean C, Martinez, Claudia Publisher World Bank, 2006 Read online Download PDF

  • 728. Publications & Writing

    Remittances and Savings from International Migration: Theory and Evidence Using a Matched Sample

    This paper uses a small, non-representative matched survey of Nigerian migrants in the US and their origin families in Nigeria (1997) to examine savings in the country of origin. Since the study has information on both migrant- and origin-household characteristics, it is able to…

    Author Osili, Una Read online Download PDF

  • 729. Publications & Writing

    Remittances and Their Economic Impact in Post-War Somaliland

    This paper provides a descriptive overview of the role of remittances, provided by a large diaspora of migrant workers and refugees, in post-war Somaliland. Based on field-work conducted in Somalia, the paper discusses trends in the size, source, means of transfer, distribution a…

    Author Ahmed, Ismail I Publisher Wiley-Blackwell, 2000 Read online Download PDF

  • 730. Publications & Writing

    Remittances and the Brain Drain: Do More Skilled Migrants Remit More?

    The publisher, Oxford Journals, did not grant permission to reproduce this article for public access. To buy the article please visit This paper examines how the skill level of migrants (skilled or unskilled) affects the…

    Author Faini, Riccardo