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  • 721. Publications & Writing

    Postcommunism from Within: Social Justice, Mobilization, and Hegemony

    While the decline of communism in the late twentieth century brought democracy, political freedom, and better economic prospects for many people, it also produced massive social dislocation and engendered social problems that were far less pronounced under the old regimes. The fa…

    Contributors Jan Kubik (Editor), Amy Linch (Editor) Publisher New York University Press/Social Science Research Council, 2013

  • 722. Publications & Writing

    Poverty Knowledge in South Africa: A Social History of Human Science, 1855–2005

    Poverty is South Africa's greatest challenge. But what is "poverty"? And how can it be measured and addressed? In South Africa, human-science knowledge about the cost of living grew out of colonialism, industrialization, apartheid, and civil resistance campaigns, which makes this…

    Author Davie, Dorothy Grace Publisher Cambridge University Press, 2015

  • 723. Publications & Writing

    Practical Ethics: How US Law and the “War on Terror” Affect Research in the Middle East

    Article written by 2008 DPDF Muslim Modernities Fellow and 2009 IDRF Program Fellow Sarah Elizabeth Parkinson, featured in The Ethics of Research in the Middle East, sponsored by The Project on Middle East Political Science (POMEPS): Scholars of the Middle East are likely familia…

    Author Parkinson, Sarah Elizabeth Publisher Project on Middle East Political Science (POEMPS), 2014

  • 724. Publications & Writing

    Practice Without Evidence: interrogating conflict resolution approaches and assumptions

    Authors: Tatiana Carayannis, Vesna Bojicic-Dzelilovic, Nathaniel Olin, Anouk Rigterink, Mareike Schomerus This paper reviews the evidence base that underpins contemporary approaches to the resolution of violent conflict, in an effort to improve the lives of conflict-affected popu…

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  • 725. Publications & Writing

    Practicing Culture

    Practicing Culture, co-edited by SSRC President Craig Calhoun, revitalizes the field of cultural sociology with an emphasis not on abstract theoretical debates but on showing how to put theoretical sources to work in empirical research. This volume reshapes and invigorates the so…

    Contributors Craig Calhoun (Editor), Richard Sennett (Editor) Publisher Routledge, 2007

  • 726. Publications & Writing

    Presidential Impeachment and the New Political Instability in Latin America (Cambridge Studies in Comparative Politics)

    This book documents the emergence of a new pattern of political instability in Latin America. Traditional military coups have receded in the region, but elected presidents are still ousted from power as a result of recurrent crises. 1999 IDRF Fellow Aníbal Pérez-LiÁ±án shows…

    Author Pérez-Liñán, Aníbal Publisher Cambridge University Press, 2007

  • 727. Publications & Writing

    Presidential Prospects, Political Support, and Stock Market Performance

    Publication by 2012 DPDF Governing Global Production Fellow Nikhar Gaikwad. I exploit the sudden and dramatic jolt that Osama Bin Laden's capture gave to Barack Obama's 2012 re-election prospects to gauge the relationship between presidential prospects and stock market valuation…

    Author Gaikwad, Nikhar Publisher Now Publishers, 2013

  • 728. Publications & Writing

    Press Release 1

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    Press Release 2

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  • 730. Publications & Writing

    Pretty Modern: Beauty, Sex and Plastic Surgery in Brazil

    Pretty Modern is a riveting account of Brazil’s emergence as a global leader in plastic surgery. Intrigued by a Carnaval parade that mysteriously paid homage to a Rio de Janeiro plastic surgeon, 2000 IDRF Fellow Alexander Edmonds conducted research that took him from Ipanema so…

    Publisher Duke University Press, 2010