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  • 751. Publications & Writing

    Social scientists comment on Iran's post-election conflict

  • 752. Publications & Writing

    Social scientists comment on the long-term social and psychological impacts of Hurricane Katrina

  • 753. Publications & Writing

    Societas (podcast)

    SSRC editorial director Paul Price engages Craig Calhoun in a series of conversations about political and social issues in the United States and around the globe. Their first series (February to November 2008) is dedicated to various aspects of the U.S. presidential race.

    Contributors Calhoun, Craig, Price, Paul

  • 754. Publications & Writing

    Sociologist Charles Tilly Wins 2008 Hirschman Prize

  • 755. Publications & Writing

    Sociology in America

    American sociology has never been the subject of an extended historical examination. To remedy that situation –and to celebrate the centennial of the American Sociological Association–SSRC President Craig Calhoun assembled a team of leading sociologists to produce Sociology i…

    Publisher University of Chicago Press, 2007

  • 756. Publications & Writing

    Soft Power Superpowers: Cultural and National Assets of Japan and the United States

    A result of two workshops held by the Abe Fellowship Program and co-edited by fellow Watanabe Yasushi, Soft Power Superpowers analyzes the soft power assets of the United States and Japan, and how they contributed to one of the most successful, if unlikely, bilateral relationship…

    Contributors Yasushi Watanabe (Editor), David McConnell (Editor)

  • 757. Publications & Writing

    Solidarity Transformed: Labor Responses to Globalization and Crisis in Latin America

    …2001 IDRF Fellow and 2009 Book Fellow Mark S. Anner spent ten years working with labor unions in Latin America and returned to conduct eighteen months of field research: he found himself in the middle of violent raids, was detained and interrogated in a Salvadoran basement prison…

    Publisher Cornell University Press, 2011

  • 758. Publications & Writing

    South-South Migration and Remittances

    This paper highlights the importance of South-South migration and remittances and sets out some working hypotheses on the determinants and socio-economic implications of South-South migration drawing on a survey of the literature. The authors estimate that 74 million, or nearly h…

    Contributors Ratha, Dilip, Shaw, William Publisher World Bank, Development Prospects Group, 2007 Read online Download PDF

  • 759. Publications & Writing

    Sovereign Violence: Temple Destruction in India and Shrine Desecration in Iran and Central Asia

    By A. Azfar Moin Was the destruction of Sufi and ‘Alid saint shrines as a rite of conquest in Iran and Central Asia a phenomenon comparable to the desecration of temples in war in India? With this question in mind, this essay examines the changing nature of Islamic kingship in…

    Publisher Comparative Studies in Society and History, 2015

  • 760. Publications & Writing

    Sovereignty at the Edge: Macau and the Question of Chineseness

    How have conceptions and practices of sovereignty shaped how ­Chineseness is imagined? This ethnography addresses this question through the example of Macau, a southern Chinese city that was a Portuguese colony from the 1550s until 1999. As the Portuguese administration prepared…

    Publisher Harvard University Press, 2010