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  • 761. Publications & Writing

    Tragedy and the Economics of Providence in Richardson's Clarissa

    Publication by DPDF 2010 "After Secularization: New Approaches to Religion and Modernity" Fellow Alex Eric Hernandez. The postscript to the 1751 edition of Clarissa provides Samuel Richardson's most definitive explication of what he was doing through the novel's unfashionably tr…

    Author Hernandez, Alex Eric Publisher University of Toronto Press, 2010 Read online Download JPG

  • 762. Publications & Writing

    Transformations: Immigration and Immigration Research in the United States

    Contributors Ruben G. Rumbaut (Editor), Nancy Foner (Editor), Steven J Gold (Editor)

  • 763. Publications & Writing

    Transitional Justice, Culture, and Society: Beyond Outreach

    Transitional justice processes have a fundamental public dimension: their impact depends in part on the social support they receive. Beyond outreach programs, other initiatives, such as media and cultural interventions, can strengthen—or in some cases undermine—the public res…

    Publisher Social Science Research Council, 2014 Read online Download PDF

  • 764. Publications & Writing

    Transitional Justice and Development: Making Connections

    Developing societies emerging from conflict and authoritarianism are frequently beset by poverty, inequality, weak institutions, broken infrastructure, poor governance, insecurity, and low levels of social capital. The same countries are also often the scene of massive human righ…

    Contributors Pablo de Greiff (Editor), Roger Duthie (Editor) Publisher Social Science Research Council, 2009 Read online Download PDF

  • 765. Publications & Writing

    Transitional Justice and Displacement

    Transitional Justice is often pursued in contexts where people have beenforced from their homes by human rights violations and have sufferedadditional abuses while displaced. Little attention has been paid, however,to how transitional justice measures can respond to the injustice…

    Publisher Social Science Research Council, 2012 Read online Download PDF

  • 766. Publications & Writing

    Transnational Migration Studies: Past Developments and Future Trends

    This paper provides an overview of current research and future trends on transnational migration. Most scholars now recognize that many contemporary migrants and their predecessors maintain various kinds of ties to their homelands at the same time that they are incorporated into…

    Contributors Levitt, Peggy, Jaworsky, B. Nadya Read online Download PDF

  • 767. Publications & Writing

    Transnational governance and the re-centered state: Sustainability or legality?

    Journal article written by 2012 DPDF Governing Global Production codirector Tim Bartley in Regulation & Governance. After two decades in which transnational governance of production processes has typically meant voluntary subscription to privately developed standards, some transn…

    Publisher John Wiley & Sons, 2014

  • 768. Publications & Writing

    Transpacific Field of Dreams: How Baseball Linked the United States and Japan in Peace and War

    Publisher University of North Carolina Press, 2012

  • 769. Publications & Writing

    Trial Justice: The International Criminal Court and the Lord’s Resistance Army

    The International Criminal Court (ICC) has run into problems with its first big case—the situation in northern Uganda. The ICC has confronted outright hostility from traditional leaders, representatives of the Christian Churches, non-governmental organizations, and the Ugandan…

    Author Allen, Tim Publisher Zed Books, 2006 Read online Download PDF

  • 770. Publications & Writing

    Tributes to Charles Tilly Essay Forum

    Only a few weeks before his death on April 29, 2008, Charles Tilly had received the SSRC’s Albert O. Hirschman Prize in recognition of his extensive career spanning the social sciences. He expressed his admiration for Albert Hirschman upon learning of the decision, and was look…

    Contributors Aminzade, Ronald (Contributor), Auyero, Javier (Contributor), Calhoun, Craig (Contributor), Hanagan, Michael P (Contributor), McAdam, Doug (Contributor), Merriman, John M (Contributor), Scott, Joan Wallach (Contributor), Tarrow, Sidney (Contributor), Zelizer, Viviana (Contributor) Publisher Social Science Research Council, 2008