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  • 781. Publications & Writing

    Trial Justice: The International Criminal Court and the Lord’s Resistance Army

    The International Criminal Court (ICC) has run into problems with its first big case—the situation in northern Uganda. The ICC has confronted outright hostility from traditional leaders, representatives of the Christian Churches, non-governmental organizations, and the Ugandan…

    Author Allen, Tim Publisher Zed Books, 2006 Read online Download PDF

  • 782. Publications & Writing

    Tributes to Charles Tilly Essay Forum

    Only a few weeks before his death on April 29, 2008, Charles Tilly had received the SSRC’s Albert O. Hirschman Prize in recognition of his extensive career spanning the social sciences. He expressed his admiration for Albert Hirschman upon learning of the decision, and was look…

    Contributors Aminzade, Ronald (Contributor), Auyero, Javier (Contributor), Calhoun, Craig (Contributor), Hanagan, Michael P (Contributor), McAdam, Doug (Contributor), Merriman, John M (Contributor), Scott, Joan Wallach (Contributor), Tarrow, Sidney (Contributor), Zelizer, Viviana (Contributor) Publisher Social Science Research Council, 2008

  • 783. Publications & Writing

    Tropical Mix: Afro-Latino Space and Notch's Reggaetón

    DPDF 2007 Black Atlantic Studies Fellow Petra Rivera examines how reggaeton artist Notch incorporates oratorical, visual, and musical cues in his music video, “Que te pica,” to establish connections between Latino and Caribbean communities in the United States that typically…

    Author Rivera, Petra R. Publisher Routledge, 2011

  • 784. Publications & Writing

    Turnabout Is Fair Play

    Author Sigal, Leon Read online Download PDF

  • 785. Publications & Writing

    Two Bits: The Cultural Significance of Free Software

    Free Software is a set of practices dedicated to the collaborative creation of software source code that is made freely available through an unconventional use of copyright law. In Two Bits, 1999 IDRF Fellow Kelty draws upon ethnographic research conducted in a variety of venuesâ…

    Author Kelty, Christopher Publisher Duke University Press, 2008

  • 786. Publications & Writing

    Two People Can’t Share the Same Pair of Shoes: Citizenship, Land and the Return of Refugees to Burundi

    This paper tracks the experience of refugees returning to southern Burundi and re-asserting their citizenship. Most have been living in exile in Tanzania – some since the early 1990s, and others since 1972. Some were born in exile and have never been to Burundi before. Others l…

    Author International Refugee Rights Initiative Read online Download PDF

  • 787. Publications & Writing

    Two Tyrants in the Age of Television

    Commentary by 2012 DPDF Mediated Futures: Globalization and Historical Territories codirector Arvind Rajagopal in Economic and Political Weekly. The politics of Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi analysed through two recent speeches to the highest bodies of their respective parties.

  • 788. Publications & Writing

    UN Voices: The Struggle for Development and Social Justice

    UN Voices presents the human and moving stories of an extraordinary group of individuals who contributed to the economic and social record of the UN’s life and activities. Drawing from extensive interviews, the book presents in their own words the experiences of 73 individuals…

    Contributors Weiss, Thomas G., Carayannis, Tatiana, Emmerij, Louis, Jolly, Richard Publisher Indiana University Press, 2005

  • 789. Publications & Writing

    UNICEF’s Agenda for Peace and Security for Children

    Author Klot, Jennifer

  • 790. Publications & Writing

    U.S.—South Africa Research and Training Collaborations

    Working paper on U.S.-South African Research and Training Collaborations, the most recent SSRC project related to knowledge production, research networks, and capacity-building in sub-Saharan Africa (see PDF).

    Publisher Social Science Research Council, 2004 Read online Download PDF