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  • 781. Publications & Writing

    Supermarket Sociology

    Article written by 2009 DPDF Cultures and Histories of the Human Sciences Fellow David Alworth, featured in New Literary History, Volume 41, No. 2:   Émile Durkheim would not live long enough to see the arrival of the supermarket in France. Nor would he witness its expansion i…

    Author Alworth, David J. Publisher Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010

  • 782. Publications & Writing

    Tears from Iron: Cultural Responses to Famine in Nineteenth-Century China

    Through an interesting and original mix of songs, poems, stele inscriptions, folklore, and oral accounts of the famine from Shanxi Province, 2000 IDRF Fellow Edgerton-Tarpley examines cultural responses to trauma and the more social side of a national tragedy. Occurring at a time…

    Author Edgerton, Kathryn Publisher University of California Press, 2008

  • 783. Publications & Writing

    Temporality, Isolation, and Violence in the Early Modern English Maritime World

    Article written by 2007 DPDF Black Atlantic Studies Fellow Matthew Norton: In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content:   On Thursday, 30 October 1718 at Admiralty Sessions in Charlestown, South Carolina, Attorney-General Richard Allein provided a scarcely n…

    Author Norton, Matthew A. Publisher Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014

  • 784. Publications & Writing

    Ten Universities, with Plans for Informing Public Understanding of Islam, Win New SSRC Grant

  • 785. Publications & Writing

    Terror, Insurgency, and the State: Ending Protracted Conflicts

    A critical question for diplomats, practitioners of conflict-resolution, and scholars is how conflicts can be brought to an end early, before more blood is shed, money squandered, or creative opportunities lost. Perhaps we might extract and devise policies that optimize the chanc…

    Contributors Marianne Heiberg (Editor), Brendan O’Leary (Editor), John Tirman (Editor) Publisher University of Pennsylvania Press, 2007

  • 786. Publications & Writing

    Textual Desert - Emotional Oasis: An Unconvential Confessional Dialogue on Field Experience

    Authored by DPDF 2012 Ecological History Research Director Stevan Harrell and Li Xingxing, featured in Red Stamps and Gold Stars: Fieldwork Dilemmas in Upland Socialist Asia, by Sarah Turner:   In the late 1970s and ’80s, socialist countries in Asia began reopening their bord…

    Author Harrell, Stevan Publisher University of British Columbia, 2013

  • 787. Publications & Writing

    The 1812 Aponte Rebellion in Cuba And the Struggle Against Atlantic Slavery

    In 1812 a series of revolts known collectively as the Aponte Rebellion erupted across the island of Cuba, comprising one of the largest and most important slave insurrections in Caribbean history. In this volume, 1998 IDRF Fellow Matt Childs provides the first in-depth analysis o…

    Author Childs, Matt Publisher University of North Carolina Press, 2006

  • 788. Publications & Writing

    The 21st Century Metropolis: New Geographies of Theory

    Publication by DPDF 2011 Provincializing Global Urbanism: Toward Multiple Urban Futures Research Director Ananya Roy in The Futures of the City Region, edited by Michael Neuman and Angela Hull. Does the ‘city region’ constitute a new departure in urbanisation? If so, what ar…

    Author Roy, Ananya Publisher Routledge, 2014

  • 789. Publications & Writing

    The Act of Collaborative Creation and the Art of Integrative Creativity: Originality, Disciplinarity and Interdisciplinarity

    Publisher Thesis Eleven, 2009

  • 790. Publications & Writing

    The Afterlives of Degraded Tropical Forests: New Value for Conservation and Development

    Journal article written by 2012 DPDF Ecological History Fellow Jennifer Goldstein: An extensive body of research in the natural and social sciences has assessed the social, economic, and ecological causes of tropical forest degradation and forests’ subsequent reduction in va…

    Author Goldstein, Jennifer Elaine Publisher Berghahn Books, 2014