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  • 791. Publications & Writing

    The Ambivalent Consumer: Questioning Consumption in East Asia and the West

    In The Ambivalent Consumer, Abe Fellows Sheldon Garon and Patricia L. Maclachlan of the University of Texas, Austin bring together an array of scholars who explore the ambivalence provoked by the global spread of "American" consumer culture. The first comparative volume to examin…

    Contributors Sheldon Garon (Editor), Patricia Maclachlan (Editor) Publisher Cornell University Press, 2006

  • 792. Publications & Writing

    The Anti-Poverty Hoax: Development, Pacification, and the Making of Community in the Global 1960s

    Article written by 2011 DPDF Provincializing Global Urbanism: Toward Multiple Urban Futures Research Director Ananya Roy, 2011 DPDF Provincializing Global Urbanism: Toward Multiple Urban Futures Fellow Stuart Schrader, and Emma Shaw Crane:    This essay provides an alternative…

    Contributors Roy, Ananya, Schrader, Stuart L. Publisher Elsevier, 2014

  • 793. Publications & Writing

    The Arab Spring Uncoiled

    Article written by DPDF 2008 Muslim Modernities Research Director Charles Kurzman. If this special issue on Middle East protest had been published two years ago, it probably would have focused more on accounting for the failure of opposition movements than accountting for their…

    Author Kurzman, Charles Publisher San Diego State University, 2012

  • 794. Publications & Writing

    The Black Maria: Film Studio, Film Technology (Cinema and the History of Technology)

    Publication by DPDF 2007 "Visual Culture" Fellow Brian Jacobson.  .

    Author Jacobson, Brian Publisher Routledge, 2011

  • 795. Publications & Writing

    The Brotherhood of Freemason Sisters: Gender, Secrecy, and Fraternity in Italian Masonic Lodges

    From its traces in cryptic images on the dollar bill to Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, Freemasonry has long been one of the most romanticized secret societies in the world. But a simple fact escapes most depictions of this elite brotherhood: There are women Freemasons, too. In t…

    Publisher University of Chicago Press, 2014

  • 796. Publications & Writing

    The Challenges and Rewards of International Research and Training - Children of Immigrants in Schools

    Video interviews examining some of the difficulties and advantages of international collaborative and comparative research encountered by researchers while working on the Children of Immigrants in Schools Project.…

  • 797. Publications & Writing

    The Children of Fate: Families, Class, and the State in Chile, 1800-1930

    In modern Latin America, profound social inequalities have persisted despite the promise of equality.  1999 IDRF Fellow Nara B. Milanich argues that social and legal practices surrounding family and kinship have helped produce and sustain these inequalities. Tracing families bot…

    Publisher Duke University Press, 2009

  • 798. Publications & Writing

    The Children of Immigrants at School: A Comparative Look at Integration in the United States and Western Europe

    The Children of Immigrants at School explores the twenty-first-century consequences of immigration through an examination of how the so-called second generation is faring educationally in six countries: France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and the United States.

    Contributors Richard Alba (Editor), Jennifer Holdaway (Editor) Publisher New York University Press/Social Science Research Council, 2013

  • 799. Publications & Writing

    The Complex Wars of the Congo: Towards a New Analytic Approach

    Author Carayannis, Tatiana

  • 800. Publications & Writing

    The Co-operative Model as a ‘Living Experiment in Democracy'

    Article written by 2008 DPDF Animal Studies Fellow and 2009 IDRF Fellow Anjali Clare Gupta:  Theories regarding the purposes and justifications of property guide in part the way in which American business enterprises are run today. This raises the question – if purely capital…

    Author Gupta, Anjali Clare Publisher Elsevier, 2014