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  • 811. Publications & Writing

    The Effects of Migration on Child Health in Mexico

    This paper investigates the impact of international migration on child health outcomes in rural Mexico using a 1997 nationally representative demographic survey. To correct for the endogeneity of migration status, the authors use historic migration networks -- 1920s, state-level…

    Contributors McKenzie, David, Hildebrandt, Nicole Read online Download PDF

  • 812. Publications & Writing

    The Embedded Corporation: Corporate Governance and Employment Relations in Japan and the United States

    What is the best way to run the modern business corporation? What is the appropriate balance between shareholders, managers, and employees? These questions are being hotly debated as scandals and restructurings rattle companies around the world. The standard assumption is that gl…

    Author Jacoby, Sanford Publisher Princeton University Press, 2005

  • 813. Publications & Writing

    The Enculturated Gene: Sickle Cell Health Politics and Biological Difference in West Africa

    In the 1980s, a research team led by Parisian scientists identified several unique DNA sequences, or haplotypes, linked to sickle cell anemia in African populations. After casual observations of how patients managed this painful blood disorder, the researchers in question postula…

    Publisher Princeton University Press, 2011

  • 814. Publications & Writing

    The End of Tolerance: Engaging Cultural Differences

    Daedalus, Number 129, Volume 4, Fall 2000. Sponsored by the Working Group on Ethnic Customs, Assimilation and American Law.

    Contributors Richard Shweder (Editor), Martha L. Minow (Editor), Hazel Rose Markus (Editor)

  • 815. Publications & Writing

    "The Enduring Idea of the Congo: Public Attitudes, the Nation, and the State," in Borders, Nationalism, and the African State

    Contributors Ricardo Laremont (Editor), Weiss, Herbert, Carayannis, Tatiana Publisher Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2004

  • 816. Publications & Writing

    The Field of Theory

    Article written by Neil Fligstein and 2010 DPDF Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Contentious Politics Research Director Doug McAdam.  We would first like to thank Alan Sica for inviting us to respond to Stephan Fuchs’ review of our book. In truth, after seeing the…

    Author McAdam, Doug Publisher American Sociological Association, 2014

  • 817. Publications & Writing

    The Formation of Interdisciplinary Scientists: You'll know it when you see it

    Publisher Quality Assessment in Interdisciplinary Research and Education Workshop, 2006 Read online Download PDF

  • 818. Publications & Writing

    The Fourth Wave: Violence, Gender, Culture & HIV in the 21st Century

    In the third decade of the HIV and AIDS epidemic, women and particularly young women and girls have become a growing proportion of those affected and infected. What are the reasons for this growing “feminization” of the HIV and AIDS epidemic? Moreover, how and why is the resp…

    Contributors Jennifer Klot (Editor), Vinh-Kim Nguyen (Editor) Publisher United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization [UNESCO], 2011

  • 819. Publications & Writing

    The Gay Archipelago: Sexuality and Nation in Indonesia

    The Gay Archipelago is the first book-length exploration of the lives of gay men in Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populous nation and home to more Muslims than any other country. Based on a range of field methods, it explores how Indonesian gay and lesbian identities are s…

    Author Boellstorff, Tom Publisher Princeton University Press, 2005

  • 820. Publications & Writing

    The Grassroots Nature of Counterinsurgent Tribal Militia Formation: The Case of the Fertit in Southern Sudan, 1985–1989

    Publication written by 2009 DPDF State Violence Fellow Daniel Blocq:  Many counterinsurgent tribal militias emerged during the second civil war in Southern Sudan. Existing studies give the impression that formation of these groups was largely a top-down process. Focusing on the…

    Author Blocq, Daniel Publisher Routledge, 2014