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  • 811. Publications & Writing

    War in Darfur and the Search for Peace

    War in Darfur and the Search for Peace, edited by SSRC Program Director Alex de Waal, brings together essays by noted Sudanese scholars and international experts on the Darfur region of Sudan. Since 2003, Darfur has been the locus of a hideous war that has aroused the outrage of…

    Publisher Harvard University Press, 2007

  • 812. Publications & Writing

    Weathering the Climate Crisis

    Journal article by DPDF 2008 Critical Studies of Science & Technology Policy codirector Sheila Jasanoff in Current History: A Journal of Contemporary World Affairs. The article discusses climate change as of 2014. The author argues that population increases, industrial developmen…

    Publisher Daniel Mark Redmond, 2014

  • 813. Publications & Writing

    Western Soldiers and the Protection of Local Civilians in UN Peacekeeping Operations: Is a Nationalist Orientation in the Armed Forces Hindering Our Preparedness to Fight?

    Publication by DPDF 2009 "State Violence" Fellow Daniel Blocq. Mandates for UN peacekeeping operations in Africa have become more robust since the delivery of the Brahimi Report in 2000. Contrary to before, soldiers are now unmistakably expected to use force to protect local civ…

    Author Blocq, Daniel Publisher SAGE Publications, 2010

  • 814. Publications & Writing

    What Drives the Diffusion of Inclusionary Zoning?

    Publication by Jenny Schuetz and DPDF 2007 "The Political Economy of Redistribution" Fellow Rachel Meltzer. Social scientists offer competing theories on what explains the policymaking process. These typically include economic rationalism, political competition or power struggle…

    Contributors Meltzer, Rachel, Schuetz, Jenny Publisher Wiley-Blackwell, 2010

  • 815. Publications & Writing

    What Happened to the Women? Gender and Reparations for Human Rights Violations

    What happens to women whose lives are transformed by human rights violations? What happens to the voices of victimized women once they have their day in court or in front of a truth commission? Women face a double marginalization under authoritarian regimes and during and after…

    Publisher Social Science Research Council, 2006 Read online Download PDF

  • 816. Publications & Writing

    What Matters? Ethnographies of Value in a Not So Secular Age

    Over the past decade, religious, secular, and spiritual distinctions have broken down, forcing scholars to rethink secularity and its relationship to society. Since classifying a person, activity, or experience as religious or otherwise is an important act of valuation, one that…

    Contributors Courtney Bender (Editor), Ann Taves (Editor) Publisher SSRC/Columbia University Press, 2012

  • 817. Publications & Writing

    When Empire Comes Home: Repatriation and Reintegration in Postwar Japan

    Following the end of World War II in Asia, the Allied powers repatriated over six million Japanese nationals from colonies and battlefields throughout Asia and deported more than a million colonial subjects from

    Publisher Harvard University Press, 2009

  • 818. Publications & Writing

    When Women Have Wings: Feminism and Development in Medellin, Colombia

    In When Women Have Wings, 1998 IDRF Fellow Donna F. Murdock provides an insightful and detailed look at the tensions, contradictions, and positive moments apparent in a women’s development project in Medellín, Colombia. Based on sixteen months of ethnographic field research in…

    Author Murdock, Donna F. Publisher University of Michigan Press, 2008

  • 819. Publications & Writing

    When the Twain Shall Meet: Middle East Area Studies and the Discipline of Economics

    Author Pfeifer, Karen Publisher Social Science Research Council, 2007 Read online Download PDF

  • 820. Publications & Writing

    'Where No X-man Has Gone Before!’ Mutant Superheroes and the Cultural Politics of Popular Fantasy in Postwar America

    Publication by DPDF 2007 "Visual Culture" Fellow Ramzi Fawaz. Dismissed for decades as juvenile entertainment, comic books had by the early 1970s come of age as America's “native art”: taught on Ivy League campuses, studied by European scholars and filmmakers, and taken up a…

    Author Fawaz, Ramzi Publisher Duke University Press, 2011