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  • 821. Publications & Writing

    Two Tyrants in the Age of Television

    Commentary by 2012 DPDF Mediated Futures: Globalization and Historical Territories codirector Arvind Rajagopal in Economic and Political Weekly. The politics of Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi analysed through two recent speeches to the highest bodies of their respective parties.

  • 822. Publications & Writing

    UN Voices: The Struggle for Development and Social Justice

    UN Voices presents the human and moving stories of an extraordinary group of individuals who contributed to the economic and social record of the UN’s life and activities. Drawing from extensive interviews, the book presents in their own words the experiences of 73 individuals…

    Contributors Weiss, Thomas G., Carayannis, Tatiana, Emmerij, Louis, Jolly, Richard Publisher Indiana University Press, 2005

  • 823. Publications & Writing

    UNICEF’s Agenda for Peace and Security for Children

    Author Klot, Jennifer

  • 824. Publications & Writing

    U.S.—South Africa Research and Training Collaborations

    Working paper on U.S.-South African Research and Training Collaborations, the most recent SSRC project related to knowledge production, research networks, and capacity-building in sub-Saharan Africa (see PDF).

    Publisher Social Science Research Council, 2004 Read online Download PDF

  • 825. Publications & Writing

    Unauthorized immigration, securitization, and the making of Operation Wetback

    Publication by DPDF 2007 "Rethinking Europe: Religion, Ethnicity, Nation" Fellow Avraham Astor. This paper integrates Agamben's concept of “bare life” with the Copenhagen School's concept of “securitization” to develop a framework for analyzing the elevation of immigrati…

    Author Astor, Avraham Publisher Palgrave Macmillan, 2009

  • 826. Publications & Writing

    Uncertain Honor: Modern Motherhood in an African Crisis

    In most countries, educated women have fewer children and have them later than uneducated women. In Uncertain Honor, 1997 IDRF Fellow Jennifer Johnson-Hanks argues that this demographic fact has social causes by offering a rich case study of contraception, abortion, and informal…

    Author Johnson-Hanks, Jennifer Publisher University of Chicago Press, 2006

  • 827. Publications & Writing

    Uncertain Transition: Ethnographies of Change in the Postsocialist World

    Contributors Michael Burawoy (Editor), Katherine Verdery (Editor) Publisher Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 1999

  • 828. Publications & Writing

    Under the Trees: The Georgia Peach and the Quest for Labor in the Twentieth Century

    Publication by DPDF 2009 "Critical Agrarian Studies" Fellow William Okie. The Georgia peach boom around the turn of the twentieth century was often hailed as a successful experiment in diversification. Peach growers, the story went, threw off the tyranny of King Cotton by pledgi…

    Author Okie, William Thomas Publisher Agricultural History Society, 2011

  • 829. Publications & Writing

    Understanding Islam through Virtual Worlds

    This graphic book is the result of a year spent interviewing people in four continents across the physical world, the Internet and the virtual world of Second Life about the evolution of Islam and cultural exploration within the digital culture. Download the book here or purchas…

    Contributors King, Rita J., Fouts, Joshua S. Publisher Dancing Ink Productions, 2009

  • 830. Publications & Writing

    Understanding Katrina Essay Forum

    Hurricane Katrina generated its own perfect storm of analyses about the crisis and what went wrong in the storm's immediate aftermath in terms of the response, or failure to respond. In the belief that the situation required a social science response, the SSRC organized an online…

    Contributors Alexander, David (Contributor), Bankoff, Greg (Contributor), Beggs, John J. (Contributor), Bytheway, Bill (Contributor), Clarke, Lee (Contributor), Cutter, Susan (Contributor), de Waal, Alex (Contributor), Dominguez, Virginia R. (Contributor), Dynes, Russell (Contributor), Enarson, Elaine (Contributor), Frickel, Scott (Contributor), Frymer, Paul (Contributor), Fussell, M. Elizabeth (Contributor), Gilman, Nils (Contributor), Graham, Stephen (Contributor), Haines, Valerie A. (Contributor), Hurlbert, Jeanne S. (Contributor), Jackson, Stephen (Contributor), Jasper, James M. (Contributor), Kaufman, Sarah (Contributor), Kendra, James (Contributor), Krause, Monika (Contributor), Lakoff, Andrew (Contributor), Lukes, Steven (Contributor), Mitchell, James K. (Contributor), Molotch, Harvey (Contributor), Oliver-Smith, Anthony (Contributor), Perrow, Charles B. (Contributor), Quarantelli, Enrico L. (Contributor), Rodriguez, Havidan (Contributor), Scanlon, Joseph (Contributor), Smith, Neil (Contributor), Strolovitch, Dara Z. (Contributor), Sturken, Marita (Contributor), Sze, Julie (Contributor), Tierney, Kathleen (Contributor), Wachtendorf, Tricia (Contributor), Warren, Dorian T. (Contributor) Publisher Social Science Research Council, 2006