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  • 821. Publications & Writing

    The Language of Contention: Revolutions in Words, 1688-2012

    Authored by DPDF 2010 "Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Contentious Politics" Research Director Sidney Tarrow. This book examines the relations between the material and political bases of contentious politics and the construction, diffusion, and endurance of contentio…

    Author Tarrow, Sidney G. Publisher Cambridge University Press

  • 822. Publications & Writing

    The Language of the Political Crowd in Tunisia

    …“The solidity of the images was theexpression of their permanence.” Elias Canetti Language is critical to the ability to mobilize. The group feeling that was activated in the urban hubs of North Africa in 2011 was manifested in an identifiable language and iconography of coll…

    Author Andrea Khalil Published In African Futures

  • 823. Publications & Writing

    The Market and the Masses in Latin America: Policy Reform and Consumption in Liberalizing Economies

    What do ordinary citizens in developing countries think about free markets? Conventional wisdom views globalization as an imposition on unwilling workers in developing nations, concluding that the recent rise of the Latin American left constitutes a popular backlash against the m…

    Publisher Cambridge University Press, 2009

  • 824. Publications & Writing

    The Marketing of Rebellion: Insurgents, Media, and International Activism

    Written by former SSRC/ACLS Fellow Clifford Bob, The Marketing of Rebellion rejects dominant views that needy groups readily gain help from selfless nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). Instead, they face a Darwinian struggle for scarce resources where support goes to the savvie…

    Author Bob, Clifford Publisher Cambridge University Press, 2005

  • 825. Publications & Writing

    The Maze of Fear: Security and Migration After 9/11

    The fourth volume in the Social Science Research Council series After September 11 raises vital questions about government policy and the many dimensions of the migration-security link, including discussions of civil liberties, transnational organizations, refugee populations, an…

    Publisher The New Press, 2004

  • 826. Publications & Writing

    The Measure of America 2010–2011: Mapping Risks and Resilience

    Whites in Washington, DC, live, on average, twelve years longer than African Americans in the same city. In the 2007–9 Great Recession, college graduates faced an un- and underemployment rate of one in ten; the rate for high school dropouts was greater than one in three. In…

    Contributors Lewis, Kristen, Burd-Sharps, Sarah Publisher NYU Press, 2010

  • 827. Publications & Writing

    The Measure of America: American Human Development Report 2008-2009

    The Measure of America is the first-ever measure of the status of human development in the United States or any developed nation and provides a snapshot of Americans’ well-being by state, congressional district, gender, race and ethnicity. Using U.S. government statistics on lo…

    Contributors Sarah Burd-Sharps (Editor), Kristen Lewis (Editor), Eduardo Borges Martins (Editor) Publisher SSRC/Columbia University Press, 2008

  • 828. Publications & Writing

    The Medieval Prison: A Social History

    Written by 2004 IDRF Fellow Guy Geltner, The Medieval Prison rewrites penal history and reveals that medieval society did not have a “persecuting mentality” but in fact was more nuanced in defining and dealing with its marginal elements than is commonly recognized. Geltner ca…

    Author Geltner, Guy Publisher Princeton University Press, 2008

  • 829. Publications & Writing

    The Mesopotamian Turn in International Relations and Middle East Studies

    Author Valbjørn, Morten Publisher Social Science Research Council, 2007 Read online Download PDF

  • 830. Publications & Writing

    The Mirab Model Twelve Years On

    Developed in the mid 1980s to explain economic processes in New Zealand's sphere of influence in the Pacific islands, the MIRAB model has proved applicable across a wide range of island economies. Identifying features of a MIRAB economy are heavy reliance on transfer payments, in…

    Author Bertram, Geoffrey Read online Download PDF