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  • 821. Publications & Writing

    The Greengrocer and His TV: The Culture of Communism after the 1968 Prague Spring

    The 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia brought an end to the Prague Spring and its promise of 'socialism with a human face.' Before the invasion, Czech reformers had made unexpected use of televi…

    Publisher Cornell University Press, 2010

  • 822. Publications & Writing

    The Handbook of International Migration: The American Experience

    Sponsored by the International Migration Program. Winner of the American Sociological Association’s 2000 Thomas and Znaniecki Award for the best book in the field of international migration. Revised papers from the conference Becoming American/America Becoming, providing a comp…

    Contributors Charles Hirschman (Editor), Philip Kasinitz (Editor), Josh DeWind (Editor) Publisher Russell Sage Foundation, 1999

  • 823. Publications & Writing

    The Handbook of Research Methods in Migration

    The Handbook of Research Methods in Migration is an interdisciplinary collection of  texts highlighting research methods specifically applicable to Migration studies. The Handbook contains the work by five SSRC International Migration fellows: post-doctoral fellows Margaret Chin…

    Contributors Carlos Vargas-Silva (Editor), DeWind, Josh (Advisor), Bloemraad, Irene (Contributor), Law, Anna O. (Contributor), Talwar, Jennifer Parker (Contributor), Chin, Margaret M. (Contributor), Shih, Johanna (Contributor) Publisher Oxford University, 2012

  • 824. Publications & Writing

    The Illicit Global Economy and State Power

    Sponsored by the Program on International Peace and Security. Buy from Amazon.

    Contributors Friman, H. Richard, Andreas, Peter Publisher Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 1999

  • 825. Publications & Writing

    The Illusion of Equity: An Examination of Community Based Natural Resource Management and Inequality in Africa

    Publication by 2008 DPDF "Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change" Fellow Cerian Gibbes and Eric Keys. This article examines the dual goals of community based natural resource management (CBNRM) as a way to protect the environment (specifically wildlife) and enhance the s…

    Contributors Gibbes, Cerian, Keys, Eric Publisher Wiley-Blackwell, 2010

  • 826. Publications & Writing

    The Immanent Frame

    The Immanent Frame is a collective blog established in conjunction with projects on religion & the public sphere at the Social Science Research Council.

    Contributors Adcock, Cassie (Contributor), Adelman, Howard (Contributor), Agrama, Hussein Ali (Contributor), Ahn, Juhn (Contributor), Albanese, Catherine L. (Contributor), Allen, Sarah (Contributor), Altinordu, Ates (Contributor), Amesbury, Richard (Guest Editor), Amien, Waheeda (Contributor), Ammerman, Nancy (Contributor), Anderson, Jon W. (Contributor), Anidjar, Gil (Contributor), An-Na'im, Abdulahi Ahmed (Contributor), Appadurai, Arjun (Contributor), Scott Appleby (Contributor), Arjomand, Said Amir (Contributor), Aronowicz, Annette (Contributor), Asad, Talal (Contributor), Ayers, William (Contributor), Badran, Margot (Contributor), Balfour, Lawrie (Contributor), Bamyeh, Mohammed (Contributor), Banchoff, Thomas (Contributor), Bangstad, Sindre (Contributor), Barnett, Michael N. (Contributor), Barnett, Robert J. (Contributor), Barrett, Justin (Contributor), Bartholomew, Richard (Contributor), Beaman, Lori G. (Contributor), Bellah, Robert N (Contributor), Courtney Bender (Contributor), Courtney Bender (Contributor), Bennett, Jane (Contributor), Berkwitz, Stephen (Contributor), Bhargava, Rajeev (Contributor), Bialecki, Jon (Contributor), Biles, Jeremy (Contributor), Bilgrami, Akeel (Contributor), Bivins, Jason (Contributor), Blankholm, Joseph L. (Guest Editor), Blanton, Ward (Contributor), Bob, Clifford (Contributor), Boroujerdi, Mehrzad (Contributor), Bortolini, Matteo (Contributor), Bowen, John Richard (Contributor), Boy, John D. (Guest Editor), Bradley, Gerard V. (Contributor), Braunstein, Ruth (Guest Editor), Brawner, Lydia (Contributor), Brintnall, Kent (Contributor), Brown, Marshall (Contributor), Brown, Wendy (Contributor), Bulkeley, Kelly (Contributor), Bulliet, Richard (Contributor), Busto, Rudy (Contributor), Butler, Anthea (Contributor), Butler, Jon (Contributor), Cadge, Wendy (Contributor), Cahill, Lisa Sowle (Contributor), Calhoun, Craig (Contributor), Campbell, David E. (Contributor), Campbell, Heidi (Contributor), Carlson, John D. (Contributor), Carpenter, Joel (Contributor), Carter, J. Kameron (Contributor), Carter, Joe (Contributor), Casanova, José (Contributor), Case, Mary Anne (Contributor), Castelli, Elizabeth (Contributor), Cesari, Jocelyne (Contributor), Chakrabarty, Dipesh (Contributor), Chambers, Simone (Contributor), Chan-Malik, Sylvia (Contributor), Chatterjee, Nadini (Contributor), Chernus, Ira (Contributor), Cho, Francisca (Contributor), Cladis, Mark (Contributor), Clarkson, Frederick (Contributor), Clydesdale, Tim (Contributor), Cobb Jr., John B. (Contributor), Coleman, Simon (Contributor), Coles, Romand (Contributor), Connolly, William E. (Contributor), Coontz, Stephanie (Contributor), Cortes Jr., Ernesto (Contributor), Cox, Harvey (Contributor), Curtis IV, Edward E. (Contributor), Curtis, Finbarr (Contributor), Danchin, Peter (Contributor), Das, Veena (Contributor), Dayan, Colin (Contributor), de Vries, Hent (Contributor), den Dulk, Kevin (Contributor), Devji, Faisal (Contributor), Dillon, Michele (Contributor), Domke, David (Contributor), Donaldson, Mara E. (Contributor), Doniger, Wendy (Contributor), Dorrien, Gary (Contributor), Drescher, Elizabeth (Contributor), Dressler, Markus (Contributor), Duane, Laura (Contributor), Dumm, Thomas L. (Contributor), During, Simon (Contributor), Eberle, Christopher (Contributor), Ecklund, Elaine Howard (Contributor), Edgell, Penny (Contributor), Eissenstat, Howard Lee (Contributor), Elisha, Omri (Contributor), Embree, Ainslie T. (Contributor), Engelke, Mathew (Contributor), English, Deirdre (Contributor), Esposito, John L. (Contributor), Evans, John H. (Contributor), Ewing, Katherine Pratt (Contributor), Farr, Thomas (Contributor), Fassin, Eric (Contributor), Feldman, Noah R (Contributor), Fessenden, Tracy (Contributor), Field, Brent A. (Contributor), Fischer, Claude (Contributor), Fitzgerald, Timothy (Contributor), Friedman, Edward (Contributor), Furey, Constance (Contributor), Ganguly, Sumit (Contributor), Gans, Herbert J. (Contributor), Garrigan, Siobhán (Contributor), Charles Gelman (Guest Editor), Geroulanos, Stefanos (Contributor), Geroux, Robert (Contributor), Ghannam, Farha (Contributor), Gibson, David (Contributor), Gitlin, Todd (Contributor), GLAUDE, JR., EDDIE S. (Contributor), Göle, Nilüfer (Contributor), Gordon, Peter Eli (Contributor), Philip S. Gorski (Contributor), Gottlieb, Roger S. (Contributor), Gourgouris, Stathis (Contributor), Green, M. Christian (Contributor), Greenfield, Nicole (Guest Editor), Griffin, Leslie (Contributor), Guhin, Jeffrey J (Contributor), Guilhot, Nicolas (Contributor), Gulli, Bruno (Contributor), Gunn, Giles (Contributor), Hackett, Conrad (Contributor), Haefeli, Evan (Contributor), Han, Sam (Contributor), Hardison-Moody, Annie (Guest Editor), Harvey, Paul (Contributor), Hashemi, Nader (Contributor), Heath, Melanie Ann (Contributor), Hefner, Robert W. (Contributor), Heider, George C. (Contributor), Herdt, Jennifer A. (Contributor), Herrnstein Smith, Barbara (Contributor), Hertzke, Allen D. (Contributor), Hirschkind, Charles (Contributor), Hollinger, David A. (Contributor), Hoover, Stewart (Contributor), Hopgood, Stephen (Contributor), Hopkins, Dwight N. (Contributor), Horton, Michael S. (Contributor), Hout, Michael (Contributor), Howell, Brian Michael (Contributor), Huq, Samia (Contributor), Inboden, William Charles (Contributor), Jackson, Jr., John L. (Contributor), Jackson, Sherman (Contributor), Jager, Colin (Contributor), Jakelić, Slavica (Contributor), Jakobsen, Janet R. (Contributor), Jelks, Randal Maurice (Contributor), Joas, Hans (Contributor), Johnson, Gregory (Contributor), Johnson, Luke Timothy (Contributor), Johnston, David Chambliss (Contributor), Jordan, Mark D. (Contributor), Juergensmeyer, Mark (Contributor), Kadioglu, Ayse (Contributor), Kahn, Jonathon (Contributor), Kahn, Paul W. (Contributor), Kaplan, Amanda (Contributor), Karam, Azza (Contributor), Kavka, Martin (Contributor), Keane, Webb (Contributor), Kelman, Ari Y. (Contributor), Kennedy, Michael D. (Contributor), Kesselman, Todd (Contributor), Kim, David Kyuman (Guest Editor), Klassen, Pamela (Contributor), Klausen, Jimmy C (Contributor), Kollman, Paul (Contributor), Korb, Scott (Contributor), Kozinski, Thaddeus J. (Contributor), Kripal, Jeffrey (Contributor), Kuru, Ahmet (Contributor), Kurzman, Charles (Contributor), Laborde, Cecile (Contributor), Lafont, Cristina (Contributor), Lambek, Michael (Contributor), Landau, Paul (Contributor), Lerner, Michael (Contributor), Levander, Caroline Field (Contributor), Levine, Nancy (Contributor), Levinson, Paul (Contributor), Levinson, Sanford V. (Contributor), Levitt, Peggy (Contributor), Lichterman, Paul (Contributor), Lilla, Mark (Contributor), Lindsay, D. Michael (Contributor), Lloyd, Vincent W (Contributor), Lo, Mbaye (Contributor), Lofton, Kathryn (Contributor), Long, D. Stephen (Contributor), Lopez, Donald S. (Contributor), Louis, Jr., Bertin M. (Contributor), Ludden, David (Contributor), Lynch, Cecelia (Contributor), Madsen, Richard P. (Contributor), Mahan, Jeffrey H. (Contributor), Mahmood, Saba (Contributor), Mandair, Arvind-Pal (Contributor), Marangudakis, Manussos (Contributor), March, Andrew F. (Contributor), Marshall, John W. (Contributor), Marshall, Ruth (Contributor), Martin, Bernice (Contributor), Martin, David (Contributor), Marty, Martin E. (Contributor), Marzouki, Nadia (Contributor), Masuzawa, Tomoko (Contributor), McAlister, Elizabeth (Contributor), McAlister, Melani (Contributor), McCleary, Rachel M. (Contributor), McCloud, Aminah Beverly (Contributor), McCutcheon, Russell T. (Contributor), McGranahan, Carole (Contributor), McKenzie, William (Contributor), McRoberts, Omar (Contributor), Meadow, Tey (Contributor), Mehta, Uday Singh (Contributor), Mendieta, Eduardo (Contributor), Metcalf, Barbara Daly (Contributor), Meyer, Birgit (Contributor), Migdal, Joel (Contributor), Milbank, John (Contributor), Miller, Patrick Lee (Contributor), Mintz, Steven (Contributor), Mitchell, Kerry (Contributor), John Lardas Modern (Contributor), Modood, Tariq (Contributor), Monod, Jean-Claude (Contributor), Mooney, Margarita Ann (Contributor), Moosa, Ebrahim (Contributor), Morgan, David (Contributor), Moustafa, Tamir M. (Contributor), Moyn, Samuel (Contributor), Nakhleh, Emile (Contributor), Nealon, Chris (Contributor), Neuman, Justin D (Contributor), Nichols, Christopher McKnight (Contributor), Olson, Laura R. (Contributor), Orsi, Robert (Contributor), Patel, Eboo (Contributor), Pecora, Vincent P. (Contributor), Pelkmans, Mathijs (Contributor), Pellegrini, Ann (Contributor), Perrin, Andrew (Contributor), Perry, Michael J. (Contributor), Philpott, Daniel (Contributor), Pinch, William R. (Contributor), Polebaum, Jessica (Guest Editor), Posner, Sarah (Contributor), Postel, Danny (Contributor), Poulson, Stephen C. (Contributor), Povinelli, Elizabeth A. (Contributor), Prashad, Vijay (Contributor), Prodromou, Elizabeth (Contributor), Proudfoot, Wayne (Contributor), Putnam, Robert D. (Contributor), Phillip Luis Quintero (Guest Editor), Quraishi-Landes, Asifa (Contributor), Rajagopal, Arvind (Contributor), Rao, Anupama (Contributor), Raschke, Carl (Contributor), Read, Jen'nan Ghazal (Contributor), Reklis, Kathryn (Contributor), Reynolds, Justin M. (Guest Editor), Robbins, Joel (Contributor), Roof, Wade Clark (Contributor), Roy, Olivier (Contributor), Rubenstein, Mary-Jane (Contributor), Rudnyckyj, Daromir Antonovych (Contributor), Rutherford, Danilyn (Contributor), Sager, Rebecca Elizabeth (Contributor), Said, Atef Shahat (Contributor), Salaymeh, Lena (Contributor), Saler, Michael (Contributor), Salomon, Noah Daniel (Contributor), Salvatore, Armando (Contributor), Sarbacker, Stuart Ray (Contributor), Schaper, Donna (Contributor), Scherer, Matthew (Contributor), Schielke, Samuli (Contributor), Schmalzbauer, John A (Guest Editor), Schmidt, Leigh Eric (Contributor), Schneider, Nathan (Guest Editor), Schonthal, Benjamin (Contributor), Schroeder, Robyn (Contributor), Schwartz, Regina (Contributor), Scott, Joan Wallach (Contributor), Seiple, Chris (Contributor), Shaikh, Nermeen (Contributor), Shakman Hurd, Elizabeth (Contributor), Sheehan, Jonathan (Contributor), Sheppard, Christian (Contributor), Sherkat, Darren (Contributor), Shields, Jon A. (Contributor), Shulman, George (Contributor), Silk, Mark (Contributor), Singh, Nikhil Pal (Contributor), Slingerland, Edward (Contributor), Smidt, Corwin (Contributor), Smilde, David (Contributor), Smith, Christian (Contributor), Smith, James K.A. (Contributor), Smith, Jonathan Z (Contributor), Smith, Matthew N. (Contributor), Sommer, Doris (Contributor), Soni, Varum (Contributor), Stacey, Judith (Contributor), Alfred Stepan (Contributor), Stephanson, Anders (Contributor), Stephens, Randall J. (Contributor), Stevens, Jason W. (Contributor), Stout, Jeffrey (Contributor), Sullivan, Winnifred Fallers (Contributor), Surkis, Judith (Contributor), Sutton, Matthew Avery (Contributor), Taussig-Rubbo, Mateo (Contributor), Taylor, Bron (Contributor), Taylor, Charles (Contributor), Taylor, Mark C. (Contributor), Thachil, Tariq (Contributor), Thiemann, Ronald F. (Contributor), Tiitsman, Jenna (Contributor), Tønder, Lars (Contributor), Toprak, Binnaz (Contributor), Torpey, John (Contributor), Townes, Emilie M. (Contributor), Tryon, Chuck (Contributor), Turner, Bryan S (Contributor), Urbinati, Nadia (Contributor), Vaca, Daniel (Guest Editor), Vaidyanathan, Brandon (Contributor), Valiani, Arafaat (Contributor), Van Der Veer, Peter (Contributor), VanAntwerpen, Jonathan (Contributor), Vasquez, Manuel Arturo (Contributor), Vatter, Miguel (Contributor), Vinjamuri, Leslie (Contributor), Wacker, Grant (Contributor), Walker, David (Contributor), Walton, Jeremy Francis (Contributor), Walton, Jonathan L. (Contributor), Warner, Cameron David (Contributor), Warner, Michael (Contributor), Watanabe, Chika (Contributor), Webber, Jeremy (Contributor), Weiner, Isaac (Contributor), Weinstein, Aaron (Contributor), Wellman, James (Contributor), Wexler, Jay D. (Contributor), White, Christopher (Contributor), White, Jenny (Contributor), Whitehead, Jaye Cee (Contributor), Wilcox, Melissa (Contributor), Wilcox, W. Bradford (Contributor), Williams, Rhys H. (Contributor), Winston, Diane (Contributor), Witte, Jr., John (Contributor), Wohlrab-Sahr, Monika (Contributor), Wolterstorff, Nicholas (Contributor), Worthen, Molly (Contributor), Xiao, Yang (Contributor), Yelle, Robert Alan (Contributor), Yukich, Grace (Guest Editor), Zeghal, Malika (Contributor), Zubrzycki, Genevieve (Contributor), Jonathan VanAntwerpen (Editor)

  • 827. Publications & Writing

    The Impact of 9/11 on Area Studies

    Contributors Shami, Seteney, Anativia, Marcial Godoy Publisher Social Science Research Council, 2007 Read online Download PDF

  • 828. Publications & Writing

    The Impact of Elections on Cooperation: Evidence from a Lab-in-the-Field Experiment in Uganda

    Article written by 2007 DPDF The Political Economy of Redistribution Fellow Guy Grossman and Delia Baldassarri:  Communities often rely on sanctioning to induce public goods contributions. Past studies focus on how external agencies or peer sanctioning induce cooperation. In thi…

    Author Grossman, Guy Publisher John Wiley & Sons, 2012

  • 829. Publications & Writing

    The Impact of International Migration on Social and Economic Development in Moroccan Sending Regions: A Review of the Empirical Literature. In IMI Working Paper 3

    This paper reviews the impact of international migration on socio-economic development in sending regions. Migration and remittances have considerably improved living conditions, income, education and spurred economic activity through agricultural, real estate and business invest…

    Author de Haas, Hein Publisher University of Oxford, 2007 Read online Download PDF

  • 830. Publications & Writing

    The Impact of Remittances on Poverty and Human Capital: Evidence from Latin American Household Surveys

    This paper uses nationally-representative household surveys from 11 Latin American countries to examine the impact of international remittances on poverty, education and health. Since remittances may be endogenous, the authors estimate counterfactual incomes for migrants had they…

    Contributors Acosta, Pablo, Çağlar Özden (Editor), Fajnzylber, Pablo, Maurice W. Schiff (Editor), Lopez, Humberto Publisher World Bank, 2007 Read online Download PDF