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  • 821. Publications & Writing

    Resurrecting the Granary of Rome: Environmental History and French Colonial Expansion in North Africa

    Tales of deforestation and desertification in North Africa have been told from the Roman period to the present. Such stories of environmental decline in the Maghreb are still recounted by experts and are widely accepted without question today. 1997 IDRF Fellow Diana K. Davis’s…

    Author Davis, Diana Publisher Ohio University Press, 2007

  • 822. Publications & Writing

    Rethinking 21st Century Government: Public-Private Partnerships and the National Infrastructure Bank

    A report from the Center on Law and Public Finance, Rethinking 21st Century Government: Public-Private-Partnerships and the National Infrastructure Bank examines the role of an infrastructure bank and the benefits of P3s as a number of states struggle to plug the funding gap for…

    Contributors Likosky, Michael, Ishimatsu, Josh, Miller, Joyce Publisher Social Science Research Council, 2011 Read online Download PDF

  • 823. Publications & Writing

    Rethinking Instrumentalism

    Article written by Frank Richardson and 2009 DPDF Revitalizing Development Studies Fellow Nicolette D. Manglos, featured in the Journal of Consciousness Studies, Volume 19, No. 5-6: In order to rescue human intentionality and mental causation from determinism and reductionism, it…

    Author Manglos, Nicolette D. Publisher Imprint Academic, 2012

  • 824. Publications & Writing

    Rethinking Migration: New Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives

    This volume, co-edited by SSRC Program Director Josh DeWind, takes stock of recent advancements that social science research in both Europe and the United States has made to understanding central aspects of international migration. The focus is on conceptual, methodological, and…

    Contributors Alejandro Portes (Editor), Josh DeWind (Editor) Publisher Berghahn Books, 2007

  • 825. Publications & Writing

    Rethinking Religion and World Affairs

    In recent years, the role of religion in the study and conduct of international affairs has become increasingly important. The essays in this volume seek to question and remedy the problematic neglect of religion in extant scholarship, grappling with puzzles, issues, and question…

    Contributors Timothy Samuel Shah (Editor), Alfred Stepan (Editor), Monica Duffy Toft (Editor) Publisher Oxford University Press, 2012

  • 826. Publications & Writing

    Rethinking Secularism

    Coedited by Craig Calhoun, Mark Juergensmeyer, and Jonathan VanAntwerpen, this volume aims to help reframe discussions of religion in the social sciences by drawing attention to the central issue of how “the secular” is constituted and understood, and how new understandings s…

    Contributors Craig Calhoun (Editor), Mark Juergensmeyer (Editor), Jonathan VanAntwerpen (Editor) Publisher Oxford University Press, 2011

  • 827. Publications & Writing

    Rethinking the Late Ottoman Empire: A Comparative Social and Political History of Albania and Yemen, 1878-1918

    Buy from the publisher.

    Author Blumi, Isa Publisher The Isis Press, 2003

  • 828. Publications & Writing

    Return to Freedom: Anti-GMO Aloha ‘Āina Activism on Molokai as an Expression of Place-Based Food Sovereignty

    Article written by 2008 DPDF Animal Studies Fellow Anjali Clare Gupta: This paper explores the concept of food sovereignty on the island of Molokai, where the Hawaiian value of aloha ‘āina, or love for the land, guides local efforts to preserve and promote local food productio…

    Author Gupta, Anjali Clare Publisher Routledge, 2014

  • 829. Publications & Writing

    Review: Gender Dynamics and Post-Conflict Reconstruction

    Book Review.

  • 830. Publications & Writing

    Revisiting the Beijing Spring Protests, 18 Years Later