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  • 831. Publications & Writing

    The Monitoring of Land-Cover Change and Management across Gradient Landscapes in Africa

    Chapter written by DPDF 2008 Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change fellow Cerian Gibbes, Lin Cassidy, Joel Hartter, and Jane Southworth. Understanding the interactive effects of land management decisions and socioecological functioning is central to the study of human-e…

    Author Gibbes, Cerian Publisher Springer Publications, 2013

  • 832. Publications & Writing

    The Moral Resonance of Arab Media: Audiocassette Poetry and Culture in Yemen

    In this book, 1997 IDRF Fellow Flagg Miller uses the lives and works of individual poets, singers, and audiences to show how tribalism becomes a resource for critical reform and for morally evaluating political liberalism. From the 1940s onward, a new class of political activists…

    Author Miller, W. Flagg Publisher Harvard University Press, 2007

  • 833. Publications & Writing

    The New Landscape of the Religion Blogosphere

    Blogs have given occasion to a whole new set of conversations about religion in public life. They represent a tremendous opportunity for publication, discussion, cross-fertilization, and critique of a kind never seen before. In principle, at least, the Internet offers an opportun…

  • 834. Publications & Writing

    "The New Networks of Knowledge: Think Tanks and the Transnationalization of Governance"

    More often than not, studies of thinks tanks have addressed their role in society and politics at the nation-state level. This neglects an increasingly important component of think tank activity. These organizations are fast building regional and international networks. While thi…

    Author Stone, Diane Publisher Social Science Research Council, 2008 Read online Download PDF

  • 835. Publications & Writing

    The North Caucasus: Histories, Diasporas and Current Challenges

    The papers and abstracts in this volume were originally presented at a two-day conference, "Towards a New Generation of Scholarship on the Caucasus," held in Sukhum, Abkhazia, on October 30–31, 2007. The conference was coorganized by the SSRC, Circassianacademia (a scholarly li…

    Publisher Kaf-Dav, 2009

  • 836. Publications & Writing

    The North Korean Nuclear Crisis: Regional Perspectives (online essays)

    In the United States, news coverage of North Korea's nuclear program, as well as U.S. policy toward the North and reactions of U.S. allies and others in Northeast Asia, tend to reflect the Bush administration's interpretation of events. With six-party talks on the nuclear crisis…

    Contributors Chufrin, Gennady (Contributor), Duk-Min, Yun (Contributor), Funabashi, Yoichi (Contributor), Sigal, Leon (Contributor) Publisher Social Science Research Council, 2005

  • 837. Publications & Writing

    The Old Faith and the Russian Land: A Historical Ethnography of Ethics in the Urals

    The Old Faith and the Russian Land is a historical ethnography that charts the ebbs and flows of ethical practice in a small Russian town over three centuries. The town of Sepych was settled in the late seventeenth century by religious dissenters who fled to the forests of the Ur…

    Publisher Cornell University Press, 2009

  • 838. Publications & Writing

    The Order of Genocide: Race, Power, and War in Rwanda

    …2001 IDRF Fellow Scott Straus steps back from the particulars of the Rwandan genocide to offer a new, dynamic model for understanding other instances of genocide in recent history — the Holocaust, Armenia, Cambodia, the Balkans — and assessing the future likelihood of such ev…

    Author Straus, Scott Publisher Cornell University Press, 2006

  • 839. Publications & Writing

    The Other Americans in Paris: Businessmen, Countesses, Wayward Youth, 1880-1941

    While Gertrude Stein hosted the literati of the Left Bank, Mrs. Bates-Batcheller, an American socialite and concert singer in Paris, held sumptuous receptions for the Daughters of the American Revolution in her suburban villa. History may remember the American artists, writers, a…

    Author Green, Nancy L. Publisher University of Chicago Press

  • 840. Publications & Writing

    The Paradox of Export Growth in Areas of Weak Governance: The Case of the Ready Made Garment Sector in Bangladesh

    Publication written by Faisal Z. Ahmed, 2012 DPDF Governing Global Production Fellow Anne Greenleaf, and Audrey Sacks:  Can export growth occur in states with weak governance and competitive clientelism? Conventional wisdom is that effective industrial policy requires a politica…

    Author Greenleaf, Anne Regan Publisher Elsevier, 2014