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  • 831. Publications & Writing

    Spaces of Immigrant Advocacy and Liberal Democratic Citizenship

    Article written by 2011 DPDF Provincializing Global Urbanism: Toward Multiple Urban Futures codirector Helga Leitner and Christopher Strunk in Annals of the Association of American Geographers. Challenging representations of immigrants as victims of the biopolitical power of the…

    Author Leitner, Helga Publisher Taylor & Francis, 2014

  • 832. Publications & Writing

    Spatializing Gender and Migration: The Periodization of Atlantic Studies, 1500 to the Present

    Journal article written by 2011 DPDF Migration and Gender Studies co-director Donna Gabaccia in Atlantic Studies: Global Currents. Despite recent efforts to describe the changing relationship of the Atlantic to the wider world, scholars do not agree on the periodization of global…

    Author Gabaccia, Donna Publisher Taylor & Francis, 2014

  • 833. Publications & Writing

    Speak Softly to the Dead: The Uses of Enchantment in American Home Funerals

    Article written by 2013 Critical Approaches to Human Rights Fellow Alexa Hagerty, featured in Social Anthropology Vol. 22 No. 4:  Home funerals are a small social movement in which American families care for their dead at home. This article argues that home funerals offer a gene…

    Author Hagerty, Alexa Publisher John Wiley & Sons, 2014

  • 834. Publications & Writing

    Speaking Titoism: Student Opposition and the Socialist Language Regime of Yugoslavia

    Book chapter written by DPDF 2010 After Secularization: New Approaches to Religion and Modernity Fellow James Robertson, featured in The Vernaculars of Communism: Language, Ideology and Power in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, edited by Petre Petrov and Lara Ryazanova-Clarke…

    Author Robertson, James M. Publisher Routledge, 2014

  • 835. Publications & Writing

    Spectral Futures

    Publication by 2011 DPDF Provincializing Global Urbanism: Toward Multiple Urban Futures Research Director Ananya Roy. This essay interrogates the concept of the city as a space of universal rights and collective futures. With a focus on how the urban poor are integrated into the…

    Author Roy, Ananya Publisher Routledge, 2013

  • 836. Publications & Writing

    Spiritual Economies: Islam, Globalization, and the Afterlife of Development

    In Europe and North America, Muslims are often represented in conflict with modernity but what could be more modern than motivational programs that represent Islamic practice as conducive to business success and personal growth? 2003 IDRF Fellow Daromir Rudnyckyj's innovative and…

    Publisher Cornell University Press, 2010

  • 837. Publications & Writing

    Sputnik and the Soviet Space Challenge: The Soviet Space Race with Apollo

    First published by NASA in 2000 as Challenge to Apollo, these two volumes are the first comprehensive history of the Soviet-manned space programs covering a period of thirty years, from the end of World War II, when the Soviets captured German rocket technology, to the collapse o…

    Author Siddiqi, Asif A. Publisher University Press of Florida, 2003

  • 838. Publications & Writing

    Sri Lanka: Atrocities, Accountability, and the Decline of Rule of Law

    Publication by 2013 DPDF Critical Approaches to Human Rights Research Director Chandra Lekha Sriram in Transitional Justice in the Asia-Pacific, edited by Renee Jeffery and Hun Joon Kim.    The question of how the human rights violations of previous regimes and past periods of…

    Author Sriram, Chandra Lekha Publisher Cambridge University Press, 2013

  • 839. Publications & Writing

    Starting from the Ground Up: Engagement in Haiti’s Agricultural Sector

    Author Shamsie, Yasmine Read online Download PDF

  • 840. Publications & Writing

    State Repression and the Labors of Memory

    Translated from Spanish, Los trabajos de la memoria, Madrid: Siglo XXI Editores, 2002. Sponsored by the Program on Latin America and the Caribbean. More info here. Ordering information for the Spanish edition . Buy from Amazon.

    Author Jelin, Elizabeth Publisher University of Minnesota Press, 2003