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    Richard Arum

    Richard Arum is director of the SSRC's Education Research Program and professor of sociology and education at New York University. As program director, Arum has led a range of projects related to K–12 and higher education, including the CLA Longitudinal Study, a comparative stu…

    Department Education Research Program Contact, (718) 517-3646

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    Thomas Asher

    Thomas Asher is director of several programs related to international education and international affairs. These include a grants program that promotes collaboration between area studies experts and journalists on the topic of Islamic traditions and Muslim societies, a collaborat…

    Department Academia in the Public Sphere, Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa Contact, (718) 517-3661

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    Beth Bickerton

    Beth Bickerton received a bachelor's degree in international relations and French from the School of Diplomacy and International Relations at Seton Hall University. Prior to joining the Anxieties of Democracy program, she interned at MADRE, an international women's rights organiz…

    Department Anxieties of Democracy Program Contact, 718-517-3664

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    Jennifer Blackman

    Department Human Resources Contact, (718) 517-3627

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    Eleanor Blair

    Eleanor Blair is program assistant for the Education Research Program. Prior to joining the SSRC, Blair worked as an editorial assistant at HarperCollins Publishers in New York, and a client advocate at the Community Law Office in Birmingham, Alabama. Most recently, she worked at…

    Department Education Research Program Contact,

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    Colin Bradley

    As a program assistant for the International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF) Program, Colin Bradley works with past, present, and future fellows to help them navigate the logistics of the fellowship year, and to transition to the writing phase of their dissertations. He a…

    Department IDRF Contact, 718-517-3644

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    Sarah Burd-Sharps

    Sarah Burd-Sharps is Co-Director of Measure of America and co-author of two volumes of The Measure of America (Columbia University Press, 2008 and NYU Press, 2010) as well as state and county-level well-being reports for California, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Marin and Sonoma Co…

    Department Measure of America Contact, (718) 208-8966

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    Tatiana Carayannis

    Tatiana Carayannis is deputy director of the Social Science Research Council's Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum where she leads on CPPF's Africa programs, including exploring possible new SSRC programming around China-Africa issues. She also serves as the SSRC focal point and…

    Department Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum (CPPF) Contact, (212) 377-2700 x3652

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    Emily Carroll

    Department International Dissertation Research Fellowship

  • 10. Staff

    Deborah Cheng

    Department Mellon Mays Contact, (718) 517-3677