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  • 71. Staff

    Cally Waite

    Cally Waite is program director of the SSRC-Mellon Mays Fellowship Program. Waite comes to the SSRC after eight years of service as program coordinator and associate professor of history and education at Teacher's College, Columbia University. Her distinguished list of publicatio…

    Department Mellon Mays Graduate Initiatives Program Contact, (718) 517-3676

  • 72. Staff

    Gabriel Walker

    Gabriel Walker is a Program Assistant for the China Environment and Health Initiative, and Project Assistant for the China-Africa Knowledge Project. He graduated from Harvard College in 2013 with an AB in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, with a particular focus on marine life…

    Department China Environment and Health Initiative Contact, 718-517-3709

  • 73. Staff

    Candace West

    Candace E. West joined the SSRC in 2013, as Program Officer for Religion and the Public Sphere. West is also the Managing Editor of the religion program's web forums, Reverberations and The Immanent Frame. She holds a PhD in Religious Studies from Stanford University, where her r…

    Department Religion and the Public Sphere Contact, 718-517-3635

  • 74. Staff

    Jennifer Wright

    Department Finance Contact,

  • 75. Staff

    Lisa Yanoti

    Lisa Yanoti worked at the Council for 7 years prior to her return to the position of SSRC Budget Manager. She worked for Saks Fifth Avenue for 1 year in the interim as an Inventory Control Manager. Lisa has a Bachelors degree in Finance.

    Department Finance Contact, (718) 517-3624

  • 76. Staff

    Jing Zhang

    Department China Environment and Health Initiative Contact,

  • 77. Staff

    Wei Zhu

    Wei Zhu is a program associate for the SSRC program on Religion and the Public Sphere and an editorial associate for The Immanent Frame. He graduated from Brown University with a B.A. in Economics and in International Relations.

    Contact, 718-517-3649

  • 78. Staff

    Zachary Zinn

    Zachary Zinn is associate director of information technology and special projects. A project manager, web developer/designer, systems administrator, and general technology enthusiast, he has worked on a wide variety of SSRC information technology projects and digital publications…

    Department Communications / IT Contact, (718) 517-3637