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Jennifer Klot

Consulting Senior Advisor,
Gender, Security & HIV/AIDS


Jennifer F. Klot, Senior Advisor, directs Council initiatives on Gender, Security and HIV/AIDS. In this capacity, she also gender provides policy, evaluation and program support to multilateral agencies, foundations, governments and NGOs. She is a founding board member of the International Centre for Gender, Peace and Security based in Nairobi Kenya and, at the Council, leads a portfolio of activities on sexual violence and HIV/AIDS. As an advisor to the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, she drafted the UNAIDS and DPKO (2011) non-paper on The Responsibility of the Security Council in the Maintenance of International Peace and Security: HIV/AIDS and International Peacekeeping Operations. She was also team leader on gender and research capacity strengthening for the Justice and Security Research Program, a consortium based at the London School of Economics.

Jennifer co-edited HIV/AIDS, Gender, Human Security and Violence in Southern Africa; The Fourth Wave: Violence, Gender, Culture & HIV in the 21st Century (UNESCO, 2009), co-authored the Report of the AIDS, Security and Conflict Initiative (SSRC and Clingendael, 2009) and wrote the first background paper for the Peacebuilding Commission on Gender and Peacebuilding. Jennifer is a member of a Scientific Committee of the French National Agency for Research on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis (l'ANRS), a member of the Peer Review Group on Gender equality and Statebuilding of the OECD International Network on Conflict and Fragility, and an editorial board member of Security Dialogue. She is also an Advisory Group Member of Humanity in Action.

Prior to joining the Council, Jennifer was Senior Advisor on Governance, Peace and Security at the United Nations Development Fund for Women (now UN Women) where she directed the Independent Expert Assessment on Women, Peace and Security lead by Elisabeth Rehn and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and co-authored Graça Machel's book on The Impact of Armed Conflict on Children (Hurst, 2001). Between 1994-2000, she served as a Policy Advisor on peace and security at the United Nations Children's Fund and directed the two year program of research and mobilization that produced the United Nations Report on the Impact of Armed Conflict on Children, chaired by Graça Machel.

Jennifer was a visiting scholar at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa, received a Master of Regional Planning from Cornell University and a Bachelors Degree in Political Science and Economics from Rutgers University.

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Jennifer Klot's Publications [pdf]


10-11 October 2012: Jennifer Klot is attending a policy and research seminar at the Centre for Conflict Resolution in Cape Town, South Africa, where she will present her work on HIV/AIDS and Post-Conflict Societies in Africa.

18 June 2012: Jennifer Klot, Senior Adviser, has been appointed to serve on a Scientific Committee of France's National Agency for AIDS and Hepatitis Research (ANRS). ANRS is one of the world's major funders of AIDS and hepatitis research in the world with an annual budget of 53.3 million Euros. Klot will serve on the Committee that evaluates research proposals on the public health and the social science aspects of HIV and hepatitis in the Global South and in France

19-20 March 2012: The Gender, Security & HIV/AIDS program convened a high-level meeting at the Greentree Foundation in Manhasset, NY to address the role of sexual violence and genital trauma in HIV transmission efficacy, acquisition and pathogenesis. The meeting brought together 40 experts from the biomedical, public health, social science and policy communities to share background information, related research, and to identify priority questions in order to develop a research agenda.