SSRC Staff

Abby Larson

Postdoctoral Research Associate,
Education Research Program


Abby Larson is postdoctoral research associate for the Education Research program. Working to coordinate faculty experts across six disciplines for the Measuring College Learning Project, Larson’s interests include learning, expertise and science, professional identity, and technology and design. Prior to her work at the SSRC, Larson was the NSF/ASA postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley, a fellow at the Center for Ethics at Harvard Law School, and postdoctoral fellow at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. Larson received her PhD in sociology from New York University (2006–2010), and a joint bachelor’s-master’s degree in international relations and sociology from Stanford University. Larson’s research has spanned a variety of professional settings, including finance, higher education, design, diplomacy, and the high tech sector, as well as diverse national contexts, including Argentina, France, England, Germany, and the former Yugoslavia. In keeping with her interest in cultivating knowledge communities, Larson has helped to create multiple programs and organizations to facilitate data-driven empirical research, including the Research Alliance for New York City Schools, incubated at the SSRC.

Programs and Projects

Education Research Program
(Postdoctoral Research Associate)