SSRC Working Papers

Mobilizing necessary knowledge on underresearched but important public issues, SSRC Working Papers feature real-time social science commissioned by the Council’s programs. Previous papers have offered statistical analyses of national economic growth, considerations of the challenges of building international educational and intellectual capacity, and studies on global security and cooperation, addressing historically active areas of concern at the SSRC. Current working papers are listed below and are available for download free of charge, in keeping with the Council’s mission to enhance public access to information.


CPPF Working Papers on Women in Politics

Tracking women’s political participation across the globe

No. 1
Women's Political Participation in Sub-Saharan Africa [PDF]
By Aili Mari Tripp

No. 2
Women in Politics and Policy in Latin America and the Caribbean [PDF]
By Mala Htun and Jennifer Piscopo

No. 3
Women's Political Participation in Asia and the Pacific [PDF]
By Jacqui True, Nicole George, Sara Niner, and Swati Parashar

No. 4
Gender and Elections: Temporary Special Measures beyond Quotas [PDF]
By Mona Lena Krook

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