How We Work

SSRC staff and scholars work to gather knowledge and communicate its implications for debate and public use. As we partner with institutions and scholars around the world, the Council offers an independent space for collaboration and an unbiased voice for social science. Through research networks and committees, workshops and conferences, summer training institutes and fellowships, scholarly exchanges and publications, the Council enhances the conditions for knowledge production worldwide.

The SSRC’s organizational capacities focus on four intersecting purposes:

Supporting Innovation in Social Science Scholarship

By connecting disciplines and methods, the SSRC advances fresh ways to inquire, expand, and integrate the craft of social science.

Building Interdisciplinary and International Networks to Address Public Issues

The Council’s experience and standing allow it to convene leading researchers and practitioners—from policymakers and UN leaders, to architects and artists, to journalists and activists—to generate new knowledge and explore solutions to pressing public matters.

Nurturing Scholars and Strengthening Institutions

Through fellowships, workshops, and mentorship, the SSRC identifies and supports the most promising young professionals across the social sciences. While supporting individual scholars, the SSRC is also deeply committed to improving worldwide conditions for knowledge production at an institutional level through capacity building, resource sharing, and networking.

Communicating and Explaining Social Knowledge

Relying upon diverse forms ranging from books and digital forums to conferences and public events, the Council seeks to deepen the comprehension of social science by journalists, policymakers, practitioners, and citizens. Through strengthening institutions and exploring digital frontiers, we also work to expand scholarly access to knowledge, particularly in arenas where access has traditionally been limited.


  • Graduate and postgraduate fellowships
  • Convening policymakers and scholars
  • Cross-disciplinary engagement and innovation
  • Conferences and workshops
  • Mentorship for young scholars
  • Books and other publications
  • Digital forums and resources
  • Lectures and public events