Media & Democracy Advisory Committee


E.J. Dionne
Senior Fellow in Governance Studies, Brookings Institution, Opinion Writer, The Washington Post
Diana Mutz
Director, Institute for the Study of Citizens and Politics, Samuel A. Stouffer Professor of Political Science and Communication, University of Pennsylvania


Lance Bennett
Founder and Director, Center for Communication and Civic Engagement, Ruddick C. Lawrence Professor of Communication and Professor of Political Science, University of Washington
Jelani Cobb
Ira A. Lipman Professor of Journalism, Columbia University, Staff Writer, The New Yorker
Erika Franklin Fowler
Associate Professor of Government, Wesleyan University
Tim O'Reilly
Founder, O'Reilly Media
Nathaniel Persily
James B. McClatchy Professor of Law, Stanford University / Stanford Law School
Tom Rosenstiel
Executive Director, American Press Institute
Jaime Settle
Director, Social Networks and Political Psychology Lab, Co-Director, Social Science Research Methods Center, Assistant Professor of Government, College of William and Mary
John M. Sides
Associate Professor of Political Science, George Washington University, Founder & Contributor, The Monkey Cage,, The Washington Post
Natalie Stroud
Assistant Director of Research, Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life, Director, Engaging News Project, Associate Professor of Communication Studies, University of Texas / Austin