25th Anniversary Symposium: Emerging Futures in a Changing World

, 2:00pm –
Toranomon Hills Forum, Main Hall, Tokyo, Japan


A number of large, systemic shifts have occurred over the past 25 years including the reemergence of China, the proliferation of new international organizations (AIIB, G20) and the changing roles of regional institutions and arrangements for cooperation (ASEAN, EU). Power has become more dispersed, trade more complex, public support more volatile, diplomacy more immediate, and global governance even more elusive. The current system of international relations and the existing set of Bretton Woods Institutions (IMF, World Bank, WTO) face increasing pressure to adapt to these emerging trends and developments.

The 25th anniversary of The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership and the Abe Fellowship Program provided a useful opportunity for reflecting on the many ways in which the international system has changed and developed over the last quarter century. The symposium focused on the challenges and issues that Japan and the US have faced as well as the role of the American and Japanese intellectual communities in enhancing our understanding and efforts to resolve them. Abe Fellows have tackled many of these issues over the last quarter century and the symposium draws on their work. Panelists also discussed the future in the context of the larger geopolitical trends in trade, finance, security, and diplomacy. See Symposium Program at left.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe attended the reception following the symposium. A portion of his address at the reception is available here.