Book Launch Panel: Pensions, Social Security, and the Privatization of Risk

The Brookings Institution Saul/Zilkha Lounge 1775 Massachusetts Ave., NW Washington, DC 20036

Thirty years of policies favoring private industry and the privatization of shared risks have rewritten the economic rules-of-the-road for all Americans and jeopardized the ability of Americans to plan for old age. What are the likely long-term effects of such wholesale privatization on pension security, and what policies should we pursue for a fairer society? Mitchell Orenstein of Johns Hopkins SAIS has edited a new book on pensions and social security, part of an SSRC/Columbia University Press series on the privatization of risk. At this Brookings panel, he joins two of the book's contributors, Garry Burtless and Teresa Ghilarducci, in considering policy proposals to restructure the nation's retirement income security system. Dallas Salisbury, a specialist on economic security, serves as discussant, and Jeff Madrick, leading economist and a former financial columnist for the New York Times, moderates.