Abe Fellowship Seminar - "Transforming the Japan-India IT relationship"

, 6:00pm –

SPEAKER: Anthony P. D'Costa | アンソニー・P・ダコスタ
メルボルン大学オーストラリア・インド研究所 教授 | 安倍フェロー (2003年度)
Chair and Professor of Contemporary Indian Studies, University of Melbourne | Abe Fellow (2003)

MODERATOR: Tomoaki Watanabe | 渡辺 智暁
慶應義塾大学大学院政策・メディア研究科特任准教授 | 国際大学GLOCOM主幹研究員
Project Associate Professor, Keio University | Executive Research Fellow, GLOCOM, IUJ

The phenomenon of international migration has been widely studied but there has been little investigation of the contemporary phenomenon of professional mobility. In this brief presentation I will look at the reasons for and the ways in which the mobility of professionals is institutionally restricted and facilitated by states and firms. In the context of global economic integration the changing structures of capital accumulation, from manufacturing to services, induce the international movement of people. However, mobility is also circumscribed by national institutions such as governments, business, and labor. I argue that the impediments to international mobility posed by local institutions cannot be durable if the prospect for capitalist expansion is severely jeopardized. By looking at the IT industries of Japan and India I argue that hitherto inhibiting institutions in Japan must adjust to the imperatives of business competitiveness and expansion despite the institutional propensity to not do so. This presentation is based on a larger research project “Globalization, Development, and Skilled Worker Mobility from India to Japan” originally funded by an Abe Fellowship. The research findings have just been published in the new book, International Mobility, Global Capitalism, and Changing Structures of Accumulation: Transforming the Japan-India IT Relationship (2016).

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DATE & TIME: Tuesday, June 14th 2016, from 6 pm to 8 pm (an informal reception will follow)

LOCATION: GLOCOM Hall, Harks Roppongi Bldg. 2nd floor, 6-15-21 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
「国際大学GLOCOM ホール」東京都港区六本木6-15-21 ハークス六本木ビル2階