Bridging Scholar/Activist Divides in the Field of Communications

, 1:00pm –
Le Centre Sheraton Hotel, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

This pre-conference for the annual meeting of the International Communication Association (May 22-26, 2008) addressed divides between research and advocacy in communication areas such as public health, media diversity, communications policy, global communications, Internet governance, journalism, technology usage/diffusion, and political communication. Organized along three tracks -- Bridging Organizational Cultures, Mapping Research Needed for Social Impacts, and Communicating Social Impacts -- the event encouraged individuals in academe, journalism, industry, government, and civil society to coalesce a set of concrete proposals for institutional change that can lead to tighter links between research and issue advocacy. In Montreal, the ICA also presented two researchers with new SSRC-sponsored prizes in media and communications: the CRAC (Communication Research as an Agent of Change) and CROF (Communication Research as an Open Field) awards.