Governance-In-Conflict Network Annual Meeting

Ghent University

On December 6th-7th, 2018, UVC Director, Dr. Tatiana Carayannis, participated in the annual meeting of the Governance-In-Conflict (GIC) Network hosted at Ghent University in Belgium. The meeting convened the network partners to discuss upcoming priorities and strategies and to explore opportunities for future cooperation. The Social Science Research Network is a partner of the GIC Network, with Dr. Carayannis as the Council’s lead collaborator.

Led by the Department of Conflict and Development Studies at Ghent University, the GIC Network is an international research network bringing together relevant disciplinary knowledge at Ghent University in a thematic interdisciplinary approach through cooperation with 28 international research institutes in 16 countries. Understanding everyday governance and development in fragile and conflict-affected situations remains a challenge for both policy makers and development practitioners. The network’s aim is to enhance understandings of governance and development in conflict situations by combining an empirical field perspective with a thematic multi-disciplinary approach.