High Level Working Group on Mining in Colombia launches first set of recommendations

On 7 October 2015, the Dialogue Group on Mining  in Colombia (GDIAM according to its initials in Spanish)  convened a public event to launch the report that contains its first set of recommendations. GDIAM is composed of a diverse group of stakeholders, with deep knowledge of the mining sector and the use of mineral resources in the country. GDIAM is convened by the Social Science Research Council and financed by the Ford Foundations. The initiative is coordinated by CPPF’s Renata Segura.

After nearly two years of work, GDIAM presented the document "Proposals for a shared vision for mining in Colombia" (http://gdiam.ssrc.org/ website in Spanish), the result of consensus and in-depth analysis of the complex dynamics of mining in Colombia. This document includes a vision for mining in Colombia, which should be inclusive, resilient and competitive. The proposals aim to contribute to shaping a mining sector that contributes to sustainable and inclusive development; that cares about the country’s ecological, ethnic and cultural uniqueness, that promotes social inclusion, socio-economic development and peace building , and that gives due consideration to the interests of both current and future generations.