Meetings on higher education in the Arab region

Amman, Jordan

The Middle East and North Africa Program held a successful public session on January 6, 2011 in Amman, co-sponsored in collaboration with the Center for Strategic Studies, The University of Jordan. As part its project on University Governance and Autonomy in the Changing Landscape of Higher Education in the Arab World, the MENA Program aimed to share some of the work and progress of the project with a broader audience of researchers working on higher education in the Arab region, and also past and present university presidents, officials from the Ministry of Higher Education, and various high level officials involved in higher education reform. In a closed meeting on January 7 and 8, our four country case study research teams on Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, and Tunisia presented their work to date. Additional research topics were discussed, including looking at the university as a social institution and changing governance systems in Iraqi universities.