2017 Negotiating Agreement in Congress Grantees' Workshop

Social Science Research Council

On Thursday, October 26 and Friday, October 27, 2017 the first cohort of grantees in the Negotiating Agreement in Congress grants program gathered for a closed workshop at the SSRC headquarters in Brooklyn, NY.

The Negotiating Agreement in Congress Research Grants are designed to open a robust field of research that explores various dimensions of political negotiation in the United States Congress. The grants seek to inspire a young cohort of researchers, with diverse backgrounds and expertise, to jointly address the challenges of political negotiation.

At this workshop, the first cohort of grantees assembled to present and discuss interim findings. The funded research topics included: cooperation between legislators to request pork barrel funding; the psychological factors that predict Congressional cooperation; understanding efforts to repeal landmark legislation; the relationship of open committee votes to Congressional polarization; bipartisan foreign policy consensus; and incentives for Congresspeople to buck the blame for gridlock.

For more information about our first cohort of grantees and their projects, please visit our Negotiating Agreement in Congress Research Grants page.