Public Authority in the DRC and UN Peace Operations: A Talk at Peking University, Beijing

, 3:00pm –
Peking University Beijing

On Monday, December 18th 2017 UVC Director, Tatiana Carayannis, gave a talk on the nature of public authority in the DRC and UN peace operations to a group of Chinese scholars, researchers, students, and faculty members at Peking University in Beijing (PKU). Hosted by Dr. Liu Haifang, Associate Professor and the Deputy Director of the Centre for African Studies at Peking University's School of International Studies, Carayannis' talk is part of the UVC's work to build and strengthen inter-disciplinary research networks and establish international partnerships that provide mutual benefits while producing high-quality, evidence-based scholarship. The UVC is planning to offer field research methods training workshops for researchers working in insecure, conflict-affected places in the near future.