Stakeholder Workshop - Ways to Advance Green Purchasing In Japanese Municipalities

Waseda University

The SSRC Tokyo Office, with partner organization CGP, co-sponsored a workshop, “Stakeholder Meeting on Green Purchasing,” held at Waseda University’s Research Institute for Environmental Economics and Management. Organizers of the workshop included Abe Fellows Nicole Darnall (’16) of Arizona State University and Toshi Arimura (’05) of Waseda University. Darnall and Arimura presented their collaborative work into green purchasing. Darnall also presented preliminary results from her Abe Fellowship fieldwork on sustainable public procurement in Japanese local governments. Participants included a number of stakeholders from local government organizations, industry, NGOs, and the Environmental industry.

Organizers (Toshi Arimura, Nicole Darnall, Takuro Miyamoto and Miwa Nakai) produced a comprehensive summary from input received at the workshop called, “Three Ways Japanese Municipalities Can Advance Green Purchasing.” It is available in English and Japanese for public download, attached as a resource to this page.