Tensions between Local and National Dynamics in DRC

, 8:00am

On 11 May 2017, UVC Director Tatiana Carayannis presented during a facilitated discussion on “Tensions between local and national dynamics: dilemmas for international interventions in the DRC” at the UN Secretariat. This was prompted by an editorial debate in the pages of Foreign Affairs between Columbia Professor Séverine Autesserre, and Tatiana and a few colleagues over the nature of conflict in the DRC. The meeting was convened by the Department of Peacekeeping’s Division for Policy, Evaluation and Training, but also brought together representatives from the Civil Affairs Unit in MONUSCO, and many others from the UN various departments, field missions and agencies. The panelists explored the relationship between the local, national and international in the DRC and discussed their implications for MONUSCO’s political and community engagement strategies.