The 2020 Election and Its Aftereffects: Results, Reflections, and Reimagining a Path Forward

, 3:30pm –

Join the the Social Science Research Council and the SNF Agora Institute for an across-the-aisle discussion about what the US presidential election tells us about the durability of American democracy. A month after Election Day, we bring together scholarly and public thinkers from across the ideological spectrum to provide interpretations of the election’s results, reflections on the transition of power, and ideas for what paths forward the major parties could take to restore a sense of common stake in our country’s future. Our discussion will not only consider who won and why, but will also explore the deeper meaning for democracy in the United States and around the world.

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Panel 1: What Happened and Why

An empirically grounded discussion with scholars from the left and right (2:30–3:30 p.m. ET)


  • David Brady, Davies Family Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution; Bowen H. and Janice Arthur McCoy Professor of Political Science, Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • Lee Drutman, Senior Fellow in the Political Reform Program, New America
  • Frances Lee, Professor of Politics and Public Affairs and Associate Chair in the Department of Politics, Princeton University
  • Douglas Rivers, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution; Professor of Political Science, Stanford University; and President and CEO of YouGov/Polimetrix


  • Hahrie Han, Professor of Political Science and Inaugural Director of the SNF Agora Institute, Johns Hopkins University

Panel 2: The Path Forward

A discussion of implications for US democracy covering polarization, race relations, policymaking, and the state of our political institutions (3:30–4:30 p.m. ET)


  • Morris P. Fiorina, Wendt Family Professor of Political Science and Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution
  • Yuval Levin, Director of Social, Cultural, and Constitutional Studies; Beth and Ravenel Curry Chair in Public Policy; and Editor in Chief of National Affairs, American Enterprise Institute
  • Rashawn Ray, David M. Rubenstein Fellow in Governance Studies, Brookings Institution; Professor of Sociology and Executive Director of the Lab for Applied Social Science Research, University of Maryland, College Park
  • Nancy Rosenblum, Senator Joseph Clark Professor of Ethics in Politics and Government emerita, Harvard University


  • Deborah Yashar, Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Princeton University