The Challenges of Digital Culture

, 8:00am –
British Academy

The Digital Culture program co-sponsored a forum on the “Challenges of Digital Culture” with the British Academy this July. President Ira Katznelson attended the meeting, which sought to address issues arising from debate in many countries, including the US and the UK, about “open access” publishing and its implications for research. Professor Nigel Vincent of the University of Manchester chaired the forum, which was also attended by a range of colleagues in the fields of libraries, publishing, and academia. Participants discussed specific questions surrounding open access publishing in the UK, where government policy decisions have sparked heated debate. The discussion also addressed larger tensions between the principle of free access to information and the threats that the digital age poses to traditional scholarly values of “transparency, contestability, and commitment to excellence”—tensions that are a central focus of the emerging Digital Culture program at the SSRC.