Research Fellow, Peace Culture Research Base of Hunan Province


Dr. YANG Hong is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Peace Culture Research Base in Human Province, China. He received his PhD from Beijing Foreign Studies University in Beijing, China during which, he participated in the RtoP book project “Responsibility to Protect: Chinese Perspectives on International Norm Building”. His article analyzed China’s position on the RtoP and presented persuasive reasons for China’s veto on the Security Council’s resolutions on Syria. Dr. YANG Hong's PhD dissertation focuses on the regulation of humanitarian interventions within the UN framework, arguing that reporting and investigation mechanisms should be set up within the UN framework to monitor the actions taken by interveners and hold them accountable for their actions. In July 2016, he conducted a field research at the Institute for Peace and Security (IPSS) of Addis Ababa University and wrote an article on the AU-UN hybrid peacekeeping operation in Darfur.

Award Information

China-Africa Peace Fellowship

How to combine bottom-up and top-down approaches in peacebuilding: the Case Study of Liberia