MENG Wenting (Yolanda)

PhD Candidate, Peking University


MENG Wenting (Yolanda) is a PhD Candidate in International Relations in the School of International Studies at Peking University. Over the last six years, she has done research consistently on UN affairs, covering issues on Women, Peace and Security (WPS), South-South Cooperation, and Chinese staff in the UN. Meanwhile, as a practitioner, she has experience both with the UN Secretariat in New York and with UNDP in Beijing. Her thoughts and reflections on six years of involvement with the UN as a practitioner, a researcher and a global citizen, are the roots and substances of her newly published book—My Six Years with the UN. Currently, her PhD dissertation focuses on China’s involvement in UN peace operations. Her most recent article, “A Review on China’s Participation in UN Peacekeeping,” was published by the Journal of International Studies in 2017.

Award Information

China-Africa Peace Fellowship

Peking University