Peer Schouten

Peace, Risk, and Violence DepartmentDanish Institute for International Studies


Dr. Peer Schouten is a postdoctoral fellow at the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS), editor-in-chief at Theory Talks, and an associate researcher at the International Peace Information Service in Antwerp. He researches the political economy of conflict in Central Africa, as well as the politics of infrastructure and the historical sociology of state formation. He has worked in numerous African countries, including the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic, and South Sudan, for academic purposes and/or in partnership with NGOs and IOs. Peer is the author of numerous scholarly articles, book chapters, and research reports on above—and other—topics. He is currently working on a book called 'Roadblock Politics: the logistical origins of violence in Central Africa'.

Award Information

Conflict Research Fellowship

Danish Institute for International Studies

From Mines to Roads: Displacement of the Conflict Economy in Congo