Shinjung Nam

PhD Candidate, AnthropologyPrinceton University


Shinjung Nam is a PhD candidate in anthropology at Princeton University. She examines pedagogic experimentation of untenured scholars and adult-citizens in South Korea as they pursue Western theory outside academia. Nam looks at their memory of state violence from the 1980s social movement and their concerns about post-retirement life in a rapidly changing neoliberal South Korea. She also attends to the ways in which these adult-citizens formulate their own curricula and educational activities and study their significance as a new praxis of ethics in the everyday life as well as its political potential. Finally, I pursue their narratives of self and re-articulation of history as they take ownership of, expand, and transform various modern epistemic grounds, especially "philosophy" that came into existence as a genre of knowledge, practice, and value-formation in the late nineteenth century in East Asia.  

Award Information

2017 Korean Studies Dissertation Workshop

AnthropologyPrinceton University

Becoming Philosopher-Citizens: Humanities Studies in neoliberal South Korea