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Toronto, March 13-16, 2017 - Art as Politics: Expression, Legitimation and Critique

The Association for Asian Studies is pleased to announce the AAS Dissertation Workshop. The workshop will be held in conjunction with the AAS annual conference in Toronto in 2017.

All across Asia artists, writers, musicians, dramatists, and architects have used their expressive capacities, and now increasingly new media - to critique the status quo, political regimes, and social establishments. At the same time, states and other powerful patrons regularly use and support expressive forms to celebrate and legitimate their own authority. At times, individual artists and communities of artists have thrived in periods of oppression, but lost focus and direction when an oppressive regime has collapsed. Yet other artists have been most creative when the political context seemed relatively free. Scholars in numerous disciplines, time periods, and areas of Asia are currently examining these complex relationships between artistic expression and political power. This workshop on the multiple and simultaneous uses of art as personal expression, political legitimation, and social critique - open to the full array of verbal, visual, performance, musical, and plastic arts - will provide a venue for the comparative examination of these relationships, both today and historically.

For further details, please visit the Association for Asian Studies.

For information about the workshop structure or eligibility, please contact David Szanton


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