2011 Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa Program Fellows

Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Fellowship

Isaac Addo
University of Cape Coast, Population and Health
Finding Durable Solutions to Refugee Problems in Buduburam Camp of Ghana: Refugees, Ghana Refugee Board, and UNHCR's Perspectives

Rosemary Wamuchii Kimani
Central University College, Communication
Communicating for Sustainable Behaviour Change: A Process Evaluation of the Anti-FGM Interventions in Tharaka District of Eastern Kenya

Edwin Estomii Ngowi
University of Dodoma, Development Studies
The Interface between Information and Communication Technologies and Sustainable Agro-Livestock Livelihoods: A Study of Selected Rural Areas of Tanzania

Lukmon Oderinde
Redeemer's University, Economics
Taxation and the Economics of Oil Investment Projects in Nigeria

Robert Ojambo
Kyambogo University, History
The Land Question in the Socio-Political Conflicts In Bugisu and Bukedi in Eastern Uganda: 1900-1998

Natasha Issa Shivji
University of Dodoma, History
From Merchant Capital to Finance Capital: The Hawala system in Somalia from 1991-2001 from a Historical and Comparative Perspective

Natalie Zahringer
University of Witswatersrand, International Relations
An Investigation into the Institutionalization of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) Norm

Doctoral Dissertation Research Fellowship

Neissan Besharati
University of Witswatersrand, Development Management
Evaluating Effectiveness of Development Institutions in South Africa

Elias Courson
Niger Delta University, Geography
The Geography of Conflicts in Nigeria's Niger Delta

Oluyemi Oyenike Fayomi
Covenant University, International Relations
The Diaspora and Nigeria-Ghana Relations (1979-2009)

Joseph Usar Iornumbe
University of Jos, Health Economics
An Economic Analysis of Retail Pharmaceutical Market in Nigeria: Towards Access Expansion and Policy

Peter Jide Jimoh
Lagos State University, Mass Communication
An Interrogation of Commitment to Conflict-Sensitive Journalism in the Nigerian Print Media Coverage of the Jos Violent Crisis

Maluke Emmanuel Letete
University of Cape Town, Economics
Essays on Political and Economic Institutions, Macroeconomic Policy and Economic Development in Kenya

Godfrey Maringira
University of the Western Cape, Sociology
The Life of Exiled Zimbabwean Ex-Soldiers in South Africa: Coping with the Repressed Memories of War and Political Violence

Fankie Lucas Monama
Stellenbosch University, History
Wartime Propaganda in the Union of South Africa, 1939-45

Kemi Ogunsola
University of Ibadan, Information Science
ICT Deployment: Readiness, and Quality of Service as Predictors of Use of E-Government Services Provided by Selected Government Agencies in Nigeria

Ebunoluwa Popoola
Ahmadu Bello University, Law
The Protection of Environmental Rights under International Law: A Comparative Study of Industrial Pollution Control in Nigeria and South Africa

Suleiman Samaila
Bayero University, History
The Middle Belt in Nigeria: An Alternative Historiography

Eria Serwajja
Busitema University, Development Studies
Examining the Land Question in Resettlement: A Case of Post-Conflict Northern Uganda

Gugulethu G. Siziba
Stellenbosch University, Anthropology/Sociology
Language and the Politics of Identity in South Africa: The Case of Shona and Ndebele Migrants in Johannesburg

Erima Comfort Ugbem
Benue State University, Anthropology/Sociology
Dynamics of Identity Construction Among Ethnic Groups in Benue State

Doctoral Dissertation Completion Fellowship

Benjamin Ajal
Islamic University in Uganda, Development Studies
Local Community Participation in Forest Conservation in the Mount Elgon National Park

Stephen Akoth
University of Western Cape, Anthropology
Human Rights Modernities: Practices of the Luo Council of Elders in Contemporary Western Kenya

Michael Ayamga
University of Development Studies, Development Economics
Land Tenure, Farm Investment and Technical Efficiency in Ghana

Bernard Dubbeld
Stellenbosch University, Anthropology
Becoming Homeless: Superfluity, Governance, and the Experience of Insecurity in Glendale, South Africa

Cleophas Karooma
Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Conflict and Peace Studies
Rwandan Refugees in Southwestern Uganda: Their Attitudes and Responses to Repatriation 1994-2011

Igeme Katagwa
Makerere University, Social Science
From the Bush to Community: Framework for the Reintegration of Former Child Rebel Combatants (FCRCs) in Northern Uganda

Kathleen Lorne McDougall
Stellenbosch University, Anthropology
Familiar Present, Familial History: Change, Afrikaner Culture Politics and the Threat of History Repeating

Erich Awich Ochen
Makerere University, Social Work and Social Administration
Life Beyond the Bush: Examining the Challenges and Opportunities for Reintegration of Formerly Abducted Child Mothers in Northern Uganda

Fabius Alya Okumu
Gulu University, Law
Access to Justice in Northern Uganda: Restorative and Retributive Justice Discourse in International Law

David Kani Olema
Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Psychology
Organised Violence and Mental Health of Families Living in Internally Displaced Persons Camps in Northern Uganda

Mathew Agripinus Senga
University of Dar es Salaam, Sociology
Social Networks and Collaboration in Management of Natural Resource and Protection of Livelihoods: Reflections from Rural Communities in East Usambara Mountains, Tanzania

Verdiana Tilumanywa
University of Dar es Salaam, Geography and Environmental Studies
Land Use and Livelihood Changes in the Mount Rungwe Ecosystem, Tanzania