African Peacebuilding Network Receives New Carnegie Corporation of New York Grant

The SSRC’s African Peacebuilding Network (APN) is the recipient of a 2.46 million dollar grant from its stalwart funder, Carnegie Corporation of New York, that will empower the program to markedly expand its already considerable work in supporting African scholars and amplifying their work and impact on the continent and internationally.

The two-year grant specifically bolsters the APN’s efforts to build the capacity of African researchers and practitioners to produce high-quality research on peacebuilding and to better connect their research findings to global and regional discourses, policy debates, and actions. It will also enhance the APN’s ability to forge partnerships with regional and global organizations; connect African scholars in a resilient, enduring network; and increase and improve the visibility and accessibility of the vital work being done by APN fellows, past and present.

“We are deeply grateful for the continued and growing support of Carnegie Corporation of New York,” said APN program director Cyril Obi. Carnegie Corporation of New York has proven to be a genuine partner, and this new grant will enable the APN team to expand the reach and the mission of the program—building a network of African peacebuilding scholars and researchers whose work is recognized and respected across the globe.”