Cuban members of ACLS/SSRC working group get visas to attend meeting in US for first time in ten years

On January 13, 2011 the ACLS/SSRC Working Group on Cuba convened in Brooklyn, New York. The increase in visas granted to Cuban academics enabled us to invite Cuban members to the United States for the first time in ten years. Working Group members reviewed Working Group-sponsored activities over the last three years, assessed the political context for scholarly exchange, and discussed potential future activities and funding prospects. Although the Working Group activities are constrained by both funding limitations and political obstacles in both countries, members still believe in maintaining the Working Group as an institutional space with the ability to perform a limited, though strategic, range of activities. We continue to allocate funds for Cuban researchers to attend important international meetings, for distinguished researchers from around the world to visit and deliver lectures at Cuban institutions, and to use the Working Group as a springboard from which to launch broader initiatives.