DPDF Competition Recipients 2011

The fifth DPDF Program offers training in preparing dissertation research and funding proposals to student fellows. The student fellows who are participating in each field are drawn from 33 universities and 20 disciplines or interdisciplinary studies (including history, sociology, anthropology, geography, education, art history, political science, urban planning, ethnomusicology, and others). Their dissertation proposals offer original and promising contributions to the 2011 research fields.

Global Indigenous Politics

Hekia Ellen Golden Bodwitch
University of California, Berkeley, Environmental Science, Policy and Management
Re-shaping state power, re-distributing resources: Settlement of Maori claims and multinational state governance in New Zealand

Claudia Chávez Argüelles
University of Texas at Austin, Anthropology
The Manufacturing of Truth. The Role of Legal Establishment, Grassroots Organizations and Solidarity Academics in the Case of the Massacre of Acteal

Diego Cortes
University of California, San Diego, Communications
Development and Sustainability of Indigenous Community Radio Projects in Cauca, Colombia

Javier Crespan Hidalgo
University of Washington, Political Science
'Indígenas' Without Documents. Mobilization and Adaptation as Responses to the Lack of Identity Documents

Paula S Dias
Brown University, Anthropology
Responsible Oil? Petrobras, Corporate Social Responsibility and Quilombola Mobilization in Brazil's Pre-Salt

Marisa E Duarte
University of Washington, Information Studies
Global technologies and the rise of Indigenous resistance

Pankhuree Dube
Emory University, History
Death in the Museum: Museum Discourse, Indian Art and the Gond Modern, 1931-2001

James F Jenkins
University of Texas at Austin, History
Native Refuges and Unceeded Territories: An Anishinaabe Centered History of the Great Lakes Borderlands

Lauren E Sweetman
New York University, Music
The Politics of Healing in a Maori Cultural Unit: Implications for Global Indigenous Health

Czarina Faith Aggabao Thelen
University of Texas at Austin, Anthropology
Maya Self-Determination Politics: Grappling with Nation-State / Violence through Youth Theater and Cultural Restoration

Nishita Trisal
University of California, Santa Cruz, Anthropology
Indebted: Tribals, "Exploiters," and Financial Inclusion in Orissa, India

Christine Willie
University of California, Davis, Native American Studies
Unheard Memories and Contested Spaces: Diné Historiography and the Spanish Arrival

Migration and Gender Studies

Althea D Anderson
Columbia University, Sociomedical Sciences
Adolescent boys’ experiences of sexual violence in South Africa: a comparative analysis of the effects of gender identity formation, structural inequality, migration and social conflict in two urban cities

Erin E Collins
University of California, Berkeley, Geography
Recombinant Social(ist) Networks on the Landscape of the Lower Mekong Delta

Sarah Josephne DeMott
New York University, Humanitites and Social Sciences in the Professions
Representations of Italian Migration: Visualizing Gender and Emigration through Monuments, Memorials, and Museums

Adrienne P Dunn
Howard University, History
A Long Way From Home: African American Female Exodusters from the South to the West 1879-1900

Laura Elise Enriquez
University of California, Los Angeles, Sociology
Gender in the Shadows: Gendering the Institutional Incorporation of Undocumented Latina/o Young Adults

Maria Cecilia Hwang
Brown University, American Civilization
Mixing Business and Pleasure: Filipina Freelance Workers in Hong Kong’s Nightlife Industry

Annabel Ipsen
University of Wisconsin-Madison/Department of Political Science, Sociology
Harvesting Inequality: Peruvian and Bolivian Migrant Labor in the Agricultural Sector in Chile

Alison Kolodzy
Michigan State University, History
"Poles and Algerians in France: Gender, Identity, and Confessional Cultures in the 20th Century"

Cheryl Llewellyn
State University of New York at Stony Brook, Sociology
Proving Gender Exists: An Analysis of Gender Persecution Asylum Cases in the United States

Claudia M Lopez
University of California, Santa Cruz, Sociology
"Si Te Vas No Hay Lio": The Gendered Process of Forced Migration in Colombia and the Impact U.S. Drug Policy

Yasmin Patrice Ortiga
Syracuse University, Cultural Foundation of Education
Educated for export: Higher education and the production of feminized migrant labor

Marie Ostby
University of Virginia, English
Gender and Migration in Modern Iranian Literature

Nancy M Rydberg
University of Wisconsin-Madison/Department of Political Science, Education
Migration of female-headed households in northern Uganda and its affect on schooling

Jenn Lee Smith
University of California, Los Angeles, Geography
Finding Emancipation through Migration? The Impact of Fertility on Rural Women Migrating to Shanghai

Provincializing Global Urbanism: Toward Multiple Urban Futures

Jose H Bortoluci
University of Michigan, Sociology
The social question and the politics of spatial regulation in São Paulo

Sian C. Butcher
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Geography
Entrenching enclavization or facilitating transformation? Everyday articulations of race, class, citizenship and consumption in postapartheid South Africa’s suburban spaces

Jacob Doherty
Stanford University, Anthropology
‘Keep Kampala Clean’: Class, Disposability and the Environmental Politics of Garbage in Urban Uganda

Sophie Gonick
University of California, Berkeley, City and Regional Planning
At the Margins of Europe: Immigration, Informality, and Urbanism in Contemporary Spain

Radhika Gore
Columbia University, Sociomedical Sciences
The politics of collective claims for urban health in India

Asli Ikizoglu
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Geography
Securely Globalized: Containing Asylum-Seekers in Cities Off-the-Map

Marisol LeBron
New York University, Social and Cultural Analysis
Mano Dura: Policing, Capital, and Social Transformation in Contemporary Puerto Rico

Sergio Montero
University of California, Berkeley, City and Regional Planning
Mobilizing Green Urbanisms: The Politics, Scales and Networks of Green Urban Policy Circulation in Bogotá, San Francisco and Sevilla

Jessi Quizar
University of Southern California, American Studies and Ethnicity
Growing Power in the City: Cooperative Urban Agriculture in Detroit

Stuart L Schrader
New York University, Social and Cultural Analysis
Policing the World’s Black Metropolis in the Long 1970s: A Sociohistory of the Racial Logic of Risk Management

Elisabeth A Wulandari
University of Wisconsin, Madison, Comparative Literature
Theater for Social Justice?: From Theatrical Practice to Sosial Practice, or a Circuit of Production-Circulation-Consumption

Alper Yagci
University of Massachusetts, Political Science
Spaces of Inequality: Globalization, Governance, and the City

Science/Art Studies

David Lee Baylis
Michigan State University, Geography
"Oriental flavor, but no American character": American Agricultural Imperialism and Oriental Tobacco

Amanda E Bevers
University of California, San Diego, History
Of Specimens and Scalpels: Medical Objects and the Making Museums of Medical History in the United States, 1860-1990

Jeremy T. Blatter
Harvard University, History of Science
Hugo Münsterberg and the Psychotechnics of Everyday Life

Lee Elizabeth Douglas
New York University, Anthropology
Rendering Visible the Disappeared: Forensic Scientists, Artists, and Photographic Practice in Post-dictatorship Argentina and Spain

Fiona Rose Greenland
University of Michigan, Sociology
Nation, State, and Science in Classical Archaeology (working title)

Whitney E. Laemmli
University of Pennsylvania, History and Sociology of Science
Engineering the Dancing Body: Science, Technology, and Dance in the 20th Century

Stephanie O'Rourke
Columbia University, Art History
Nervous Encounters: Somatic Spectatorship and Painting, 1780-1850

Eszter Polonyi
Columbia University, Art History
Toward a Theory of Visual Resistence

Timothy Connelly Prizer
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Anthropology
Dancing across the Divide: Humans, Nonhumans, and the Preservation of Japanese Dance Traditions

Christy Spackman
New York University, Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health
Containing Science, Bottling Biopower

Rebecca K. Uchill
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, History, Theory, and Criticism of Architecture and Art
Technologies of the Social: The Contemporary Art Exhibition in Formation of its Publics

Julia Yezbick
Harvard University, Anthropology
Demolition and Construction: an ethnographic study of the re-making of Detroit

Bridging, Bonding and Bordering: Migrant Strategies and State Policies

Delphine Diaz
University of Paris/I (Sorbonne), History
Foreign Liberal Refugees in France, 1814-1852

Rene Flores
Princeton University, Sociology
‘Not in my town’: local anti-immigrant policies in the U.S. and Spain

Donna-Lee Granville
University of Illinois at Chicago, Sociology
Material and Social Borders: Black Immigrant Trajectories to Citizenship and Political Incorporation

Emmanuelle Hellio
University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (France), Research Unit URMIS
Importing women to export strawberries : channeled mobility of seasonal foreign labor (Huelva, Spain)

Federica Infantino
Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, social sciences
Bordering at the window. Allocation practices and applicants’ strategies at the Belgium, French, and Italian visa services in Morocco

Daniel Lim
University of California Los Angeles, Political Science
Immigration Policy and Immigrant Enfranchisement: A comparison of the U.S. and Korea

Stephanie C Maher
University of Washington, Anthropology
From the Sahel Across the Sea: Clandestine Migration and Human Smuggling from West Africa to Europe

Nassim Roxane Majidi
Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris, International Relations and Comparative Politics
Migration and Interventions: A study of Afghan migration to Europe

Mélanie Pauvros
Lille 2 University, Political Science
The local policies of immigration. A new analysis of the borders of State

Emily Joy Rothchild
University of Pennsylvania, Music
Hip-Hop in Hamburg: City-Sponsored Sound

Cynthia Salloum
Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Political Science
The political character of the Lebanese Diaspora - A Comparative Study : France and the USA

Elizabeth Lynn Young
University of Michigan, Sociology
Questioning Would-Be Citizens, Examining the Nation: A Comparative Study of Naturalization Tests