DPDF Competition Recipients 2012

The DPDF Program annually supports dissertation proposal development workshops and pre-dissertation research opportunities to doctoral students within innovative fields of research. This year’s student fellows are drawn from 40 universities and 20 disciplines and interdisciplinary studies (including history, anthropology, geography, comparative literature, political science, communications, and others). Their proposed dissertation projects offer original and promising contributions to the research fields selected for the 2012 DPDF Program.

Ecological History
Gender Justice in the Era of Human Rights
Governing Global Production
Mediated Futures: Globalization and Historical Territories
New Approaches to Transnationalism and Migratory Circulation

Ecological History

Paolo Bocci
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Anthropology
Invasive Life: Chivos, Mora, and Humans in the Galapagos Islands

Angelo Matteo Caglioti
University of California-Berkeley, History of Science
What Ecology for Colonial Fascism?

Zachary Caple
University of California-Santa Cruz, Cultural Anthropology
Industrial Phosphorus and the Remaking of Florida’s Mosaic Landscapes

Samuel Robert Dolbee
New York University, History
Peasants, Pests, and Pine Trees: State Power and Environmental Control in Late Ottoman Syria

Nathan Ela
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Sociology
Toward a Political Economy of Resilience: A Comparative Study of Urban Farming Regimes in Chicago

David Fedman
Stanford University, History
Cultivating Colonialism: Japanese Forestry in Colonial Korea, 1900-1945

Jennifer Elaine Goldstein
University of California-Los Angeles, Geography
Wasted, Now Wanted: Landscapes of Food Production, Degradation, and Carbon Commodification in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Timothy Johnson
University of Georgia, History
Growth Industry: Unearthing the Origins of Fertilizer-Fueled Agriculture

Laura Martin
Cornell University, Natural Resources
The Naturalization of Competition in the Ecological Sciences, 1945-1990

Caterina Scaramelli
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Science, Technology and Society
Living Water: Environmental Expertise and Social Conflict in Turkey's Waterscapes

Maria Taylor
University of Michigan, Architectural History
Factories of the Wilderness: The Ideology and Materiality of Soviet Urbanism in Siberia

Gregory Thaler
Cornell University, Government
Explaining Divergent Patterns of Deforestation in Brazil and Indonesia

Gender Justice in the Era of Human Rights

Sarah Bellows-Blakely
Washington University, African History
Gender, Childhood, and Contested Rights: Kenya and the History of Globalized Girlhood, 1945 - 1990

Julie Andrea Chaparro-Buitrago
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Anthropology
The Promise of Empowerment: Indigenous Women, Forced Sterilizations, and Agency in Peru

Huibin Chew
University of Southern California, Gender Studies
The Revolution Will Come Home: Gendered Violence and Transformative Organizing from the Philippines to the U.S.

Cynthia Francica
University of Texas-Austin, Comparative Literature
Ghostly Violence in Women's Literature, Visual Arts and Cinema in the United States and the Southern Cone: A Comparative Study

Elise Franklin
Boston College, European History
The Decolonization of Feminism: Feminist Theory and Politics in France and Algeria, 1945-1981

María Belén Hernando Llorens
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Education
Imagining Lives in the Global City: Gender Justice and Schooling of Young Immigrant Women

Katherine Hunt
University of Nebraska, Political Science
The Influence of Domestic Ideologies and International Women's Rights Treaties on Reproductive Policies in South Korea

Rebecca Kruger
Columbia University, Sociomedical Sciences-Sociology & Public Health
Fair and Just?: Intersections of Gender, Development, and Rights in an All Women’s Fairtrade Co-operative in Northern Nicaragua

Alexandria Ruble
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, History
“Equal but not the Same”: Debates and Policies on Gender Equality in East and West Germany, 1945-1965

Jasmine Leah Samara
Harvard University, Anthropology
The Politics of “Choice” in Greece: Debating Islamic Law, Women’s Options, and European Obligations

Emily Springer
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Sociology
Frontiers of Quantification – (Un)Intended Consequences of ‘Women’s Empowerment’ Metrics in the New Green Revolution for Africa

Ruth Velasquez Estrada
University of Texas-Austin, Anthropology
Grassroots Peacemaking: The Paradox of Reconciliation in El Salvador

Governing Global Production

Tatiana Samay Andia Rey
Brown University, Sociology
Equivalent or Similar? The Globalization of Pharmaceutical Regulatory Standards and the Politics of Generic Drugs

Abigail Bennett
Duke University, Environmental Science and Public Policy
Linking Global Factors and Local Institutional Diversity: Responses of Small-Scale Fisheries to Globilization

James Blair
City University of New York Graduate Center, Cultural Anthropology
Managing the Self-Managed: The Integration of Worker-Owned Cooperative Factories into Ethical Supply Chains in Post-Crisis Argentina

Caitlin Fox-Hodess
University of California-Berkeley, Sociology
Strategies for Building Structural Power in the 21st Century International Port Industry: A Comparison of the International Dockworkers Council (IDC) and the Dockers Section of the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF)

Nikhar Gaikwad
Yale University, Political Science
Political Coalitions and Economic Governance in Emerging Economies

Maron Greenleaf
Stanford University, Anthropology
A Non-Extractive Economy: Buying and Selling Carbon in Acre, Brazil

Anne Regan Greenleaf
University of Washington, Political Science
From Apple to Apparel: Realizing Labor Rights in Non-Democracies

Miles Kenney-Lazar
Clark University, Geography
Financialized Global Land Acquisitions and Resource Commodity Production in Laos

Shana Starobin
Duke University, Political Science
Public Goods, Private Benefit?: Eco-Labels, Third Party Certification, and Advancing Rural Livelihoods in the Global South

Zachary Steinert-Threlkeld
University of California-San Diego, Political Science
Delegating Sovereignty: Non-State Actors in International Relations

Maja Tampe
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Management
Private Governance as Sustainable Development? Field Experimental Evidence from Agricultural Certification in Ecuador

Samantha Vortherms
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Political Science
Balancing Competing Interests: Local Policy Change and China's Hukou System

Mediated Futures: Globalization and Historical Territories

Andrew Brandel
Johns Hopkins University, Anthropology
The Romantic Life of Books: Reading Publics, Literary Communities and the Making of “Germany”

Jeremy Aaron Dell
University of Pennsylvania, African History
The Varieties of Reading Experience: Towards a History of Textual Practice in the Western Sahel

Katie Day Good
Northwestern University, Media, Technology, and Society
The World in Our Hands: Grassroots Media and Global Engagement in Interwar American Education, 1915-1950

Eric Hirsch
University of Chicago, Anthropology
The Public Life of Indigeneity and Development: Mediating Investments in Culture in Andean Peru

Kyle Jones
Purdue University, Cultural Anthropology
Youth Cultural Politics and Technologies of Sociality in Urban Peru

Vijayanka Nair
New York University, Socio-Cultural Anthropology
A Billion "Unique" Identities: Understanding India's National Experiment with Biometric Identification Technologies

Bryce Peake
University of Oregon, Culture and Communication
Listening as Technology in British Gibraltar

David Platzer
Johns Hopkins University, Anthropology
Neurological Publicity: Autistic Futures in the Global Age

Tom Schilling
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Science, Technology and Society
British Columbia Mapped: Geology, Indigeneity, and Landscape in the Age of Digital Cartography

Samuel Shearer
Duke University, Cultural Anthropology
The Kigali City Master Plan and the Production of Urban Futures

Yana Genchova Stainova
Brown University, Anthropology
Music in the Time of Precariousness: Dreaming of Utopia in the Youth Orchestras of Venezuela’s El Sistema

Niko Vicario
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Art History
In and Out of Santiago: Artistic Practice between Pan-Americanism and Global Citizenship, 1940-1990

New Approaches to Transnationalism and Migratory Circulation

Jess Auerbach
Stanford University, Anthropology
Rocking the Boat: South-South Migration between Angola and Brazil and the Quest for a New World Order

Anne Bouhali
Université Toulouse 2 le Mirail, Geography
Arabic Souks: A Spatial Study of the Globalisation of Marketplaces in the Middle East and Northern Africa

Tristan Brown
Columbia University, History
The Storm Beneath the Surface: Chinese Muslim Trading Diasporas and the Making of Modern China

Marwa El Chab
Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales Paris, Anthropology
Lebanese Traders in West Africa: Business Networks over Time and Place

Nancy Khalil
Harvard University, Anthropology
Living Terrorfied: (un)Welcoming Transnationalism

Alex Lee
University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, Anthropology
Building Atop Sedimented Histories: South Korean Professional Migrants in Dubai

Josepha Milazzo
Aix-Marseille University, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Geography
Bolivians of Rural Spain: Between Cosmopolitan Rural Practices and Transnational Constructions or the Geography of an International Migration System

Sihé Néya
University of Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne, Geography
Return migration of Burkinabè of Ivory coast and the Construction of Transnational Life Spaces

Amelia Schubert
University of Colorado-Boulder, Human Geography
Impacts of Out-bound Marriage Migration on Korean Minority Communities in China

Kathleen Sexsmith
Cornell University, Sociology
Transnational Moral Economies in Comparative Perspective: Veracruzano Workers on New York Dairy and Florida Fruit Farms

Sadio Soukouna
University of Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne, Political Science
The Logics of the Decentralized Cooperation North-South: A Comparative Analysis of the Realities of International Action of the French and Canadian Cities in Relation with Malian Immigrants

Niandou Toure
University of Paris V Descartes, Sociology
Highly Qualified International Migration and the Development of the Southern Countries, in the Case of Malians in France and Morocco