Introducing the SSRC Religion, Spirituality, and Democratic Renewal Fellows

The Social Science Research Council’s Religion and the Public Sphere Program has selected eleven early-career scholars for the first cohort of Religion, Spirituality, and Democratic Renewal Fellows, supported by the Fetzer Institute. The fellowships will support projects that bring knowledge of the place of religion and spirituality into scholarly and public conversations about renewing democracy in the United States.

Through research on the intersection of religious and/or spiritual identities, behaviors, attitudes, and organizations with social and political structures, processes, and institutions, these scholars will deepen understandings of the evolving relationships between religion, spirituality, and democracy at this fraught moment in US history.

2020 Religion, Spirituality, and Democratic Renewal Fellows

Nada Ali Ramadan

University of California, Los Angeles
“Unveiling: Choice, Identity, Religion and the Politics of Representation in the United States vs. Egypt”

Joseph Bartzel

Washington University in St. Louis
“Commissioned Memories”

Casey Bohlen

Williams College
“Back to the Garden: Civil Disobedience and the Postwar Transformation of American Religion”

Susanna De Stradis

University of Notre Dame
“Making Democracy Safe for Catholicism: The Vatican and the ‘Nation Under God,’ 1945-1965”

Mohamad Jarada

University of California, Berkeley
“Securing the Mosque: The Transformation of Spiritual Space into Security Space in Muslim American Communities”

Daniel Joslyn

New York University
“Dreamers of a New Age: God, Sex, and Socialism at the Turn of the Twentieth Century”

Allison Kelley

University of Virginia
“High on the Mountaintop a Banner is Unfurled: Capitalism, Community, and Latter-day Saints’ Twentieth Century Economic Vision”

Candace Lukasik

Washington University in St Louis
“Middle Eastern Christians and the War on Terror: Coptic Christians as Martyrs and Migrants”

Najwa Mayer

Yale University
“Making Muslim Americana: Formations and Contestations in Popular Culture”

Sarah Riccardi-Swartz

Arizona State University
“Democratic Apostates: Conversion to Russian Orthodoxy in the Trump-Putin Era”

Esra Tunc

University of California, Santa Barbara
“Social Good, Economic Practices, and Islam in the United States”